Legislators in Texas have so far resisted calls that they institute a statewide ban on texting and driving saying instead that the decision should be left to individual municipalities. But now the citizens of Texas are speaking up, saying they want a ban on texting and driving in order to feel safe on the streets of their state.

A new petition has been circulating around the state calling on legislators to pass a comprehensive ban on texting and driving. So far the petition, which started on Facebook, has garnered hundreds of new signatures and is getting some national attention as well.

Legislators have remained silent on the issue up until now, but as public support of the measure grows it seems likely they will at least be forced to account for their actions thus far, even as evidence suggests that a ban on texting and driving would result in reduced traffic collisions and reduced traffic-related fatalities.

According to Texas State Trooper Gabriel Medrano, wrecks resulting from cell phone use are increasing in the Texas Panhandle.

“A lot of times, our parents are actually modeling this behavior for our teenaged drivers,” he pointed out. “So, parents out there, I would suggest, you know, to think about what you’re doing out there on the roads. You have your kids in the back seat and they’re watching you.”

He added education is a key in saving lives, and putting texting and driving into driver education classes could help spread the word about how dangerous the habit can be.

Hodge-Campbell said she hopes commissioners will take the petition seriously and follow the lead of other cities across the country that have banned texting and driving.