If you get busted for driving under the influence of alcohol in California, while on probation for a DUI infraction, you will definitely have your license suspended. How  long it is suspended has a lot to do with how intoxicated you were at the time and whether or not you submit to a test for alcohol.

California is not alone in its disdain and intolerance of drivers who get behind the wheel intoxicated. Although much focus recently has been on the dangers of distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol is still just as dangerous as it has always been. Drivers who are intoxicated suffer from poor judgement, slower reflexes and an inability to operate a vehicle safely. These facts have never changed, even in light of the new dangers of distracted driving.

In California is you are on a court ordered probation for a DUI infraction you will immediately have your license suspended. The length of that suspension is determined by a few specific things, including how intoxicated you might be and whether or not you agree to be tested for alcohol.

Specifically, the California Department of Motor Vehicles says that while on a court order probation for DUI for test positive for alcohol at .01% or greater you will receive a mandatory one year suspension. If you “refuse or fail to submit to a PAS test or other chemical test,” you will received a two year suspension of your driving privileges and if you “refuse or fail to submit to a PAS test or other chemical test, and you have two or more prior DUI convictions,” you will receive a three year suspension.

At the officers discretion it is possible you can receive citations for each of the above in which case the times of suspension will be compounded.

Oh, and if you are dumb enough to drive under the influence while on court order probation for a DUI offense, you will not be eligible for a hardship license, or restricted license, while serving your suspension.

The best way to avoid a suspended license in California is to not drive drunk. You can attend a traffic school to remove the points from your license, but you’ll still be suspended for months.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net