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When it comes to the auto insurance industry, two math graduates are causing a disruption. Did you know that only about five percent of drivers have an auto insurance rate of less than $50 a month? Are you one of them? If not, there’s a good chance you could be! First, take a REALLY EASY online defensive driving course, then try using a car insurance app!

Seth Birnbaum and fellow MIT grad Tomas Revesz teamed up to develop an app for car insurance comparisons. You may have heard of it… EverQuote. The company is offering drivers a way to hopefully reduce their auto insurance premium. If you already have insurance and live in a certain ZIP code, you may even be able to get an even steeper discount.

For the longest time, it was quite difficult to compare rates among major auto insurance companies. To do so, you would have to go to a carrier’s website, type in your information, receive your quote and then go to a different carrier’s website and do the same thing. You would do this on several different sites and then compare your quotes.

As you can imagine, or maybe you even know from personal experience, this can get quite tedious and exhausting. The MIT team has made comparing insurance quotes much simpler. With EverQuote, all you do is type in your information one time and the app allows you to use its comparison shopping marketplace platform. Known for being one of the fastest growing companies in 2017, EverQuote has revolutionized the auto insurance industry by helping customers find incredibly low insurance quotes.
The importance of comparing insurance quotes should never underestimated. You can save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars each year by taking advantage of a lower insurance rate. You will quickly see if you are overpaying for car insurance or not with this app.

It is not uncommon for drivers to overpay for insurance and be completely unaware that they could be saving money. And while you may think you have locked in the cheapest rate a few months ago, you should always compare quotes at least once every six months. Yes, even if you already have cheap insurance, there is a chance you could get it for even cheaper. You can also take an NY defensive driving course to save on your NY car insurance or a California online traffic school for mature drivers.

To take full advantage of EverQuote, simply type in your ZIP code in the ZIP code checker on their website. Then enter a bit of your driver information and view various quotes from today’s major car insurance companies. It’s that simple.

The Takeaway

It’s time to take better control of your finances and it starts with saving money on your auto insurance. EverQuote will help you find the right insurance company and taking a defensive driving course or traffic school to dismiss tickets will help as well! If it’s been six months or longer since you have compared insurance quotes, now is the time to compare again!