This week is National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week and around the country police are on the lookout for drivers who ignore road construction signs and refuse to slow down or yield for construction crews.

Road construction can be frustrating for drivers stuck waiting in traffic, wading through congested highways, or just those who are late for work, but construction workers are not the ones to blame, so drivers in construction zones should slow their roll long before they get there.

In many states drivers are required to automatically slow their speed when approaching, entering and passing through a construction zone. In fact, almost all states require higher fines and punishments be imposed on drivers who refuse to slow down in construction zones, or speed right on through.

There simply is no reason for drivers to speed in construction zone. It is by definition an area under construction, which means the roadway could be narrow, traffic will likely be slowed or possibly stopped, and construction workers will likely be present in and around the road way. If you refuse to slow down you are not only putting your life at risk but also the lives of everyone who is sharing the road with you that day.

Accidents in construction zones are all too common in states where roadways are usually congested and roadway construction is common, like California and New York. But they happen every where. There are now more cars on American roadways than ever before. All these cars means roads wear-out faster; highways need to be expanded and widened, and construction is nearly non-stop as crews race to get projects finished as fast as possible so traffic is not impeded too much.

The next time you even think about speeding through a construction zone consider this: The folks who you might injure are working hard to help you. Why would you want to hurt them?