The New Jersey Supreme Court has upheld a law requiring young drivers to place a bright red sticker on their license plate identifying them as being underage. The idea is to help other drivers and police be aware that the driver of the vehicle is a young, possibly inexperienced driver who is still in the graduated driver’s licensing program. But some have said the red decals wrongly discriminate against some drivers simply because of their age.

Opponents of the law cited the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, saying the red decals unfairly targeted young drivers and made them potential targets for sexual predators. But the New Jersey Supreme Court disagreed, saying the decals were simply a natural part of the graduated driver’s licensing program and did not unfairly punish or discriminate against young. They also said the red decals were not a risk to young drivers.

Defenders of the new law say it will allow police to correctly identify whether or not the driver of a vehicle may be violating the laws regarding probationary driving without the need to conduct traffic stop.

Opponents of the law and the recent ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court say they will not drop the case and have plans to take it before the United States Supreme Court.