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The best way to win the approval of hundreds of school children is by planning an all-day field trip. Cutting class, riding on a bus for hours, and visiting somewhere interactive was always a great way to spend a school day. But, the best part about any field trip was that sweet, sweet gift shop.

Florida field trip planners have a great opportunity to educate today’s youth about the mysteries of the cosmos and mankind’s innovations to explore it. The Kennedy Space Center is a fantastic trip to take children of all ages. There are exhibits and tours designated for students at specific grade levels, so finding the perfect tour to meet their needs will be simple.

The pressure is on at school. Those students are hard critics. You’ve been trying to win their approval since day one, so here’s your chance. Before the semester ends, you can become the most popular person in school. We’re showing you how to plan a school field trip to the Kennedy Space Center.

When to Make a Reservation

Planning a trip to the Kennedy Space Center isn’t rocket science. The best way to schedule your field trip is by making a phone reservation at least one week in advance before your arrival. The Space Center doesn’t take walk-ups. Nothing is more awkward than being denied at the KSC entrance when you have hundreds of kids with you. What will Cory, the really cool 3rd grader think of you then!?

Getting a Bus Driver

You don’t expect to drive the entire 3rd grade class to the Kennedy Space Center in your hatchback, do you? Sure, you made straight A’s in your Drivers Ed class, but you need a special license to drive that many children. Hiring the services of a school bus driver will be the best way to transport any large number of students.

Chaperone Policy

We know you want to win the approval of all the school children, but you can’t be the sole chaperone of this trip. The Kennedy Space Center has a strict chaperone policy. From their website, “One chaperone for every five students in kindergarten through grade 5” and “One chaperone for every 10 students in grade 6 through 12.” Before the trip, make sure you have plenty of volunteers to help chaperone the students. You could always put Cory, the really cool 3rd grader, in your group.

Your Meal Plan

There are plenty of cafes throughout the Kennedy Space Center. But, if you want to really impress your students, you’d get them lunch with a real-life astronaut. One of the dining options at the KSC is “Lunch with an Astronaut,” where an astronaut will give a short lecture followed by a Q&A session over dessert.

Shopping and Souvenirs

The real reason everyone loves field trips is because of the shopping and souvenirs. What better way to prove you’ve been to the Kennedy Space Center is there than purchasing a really cool souvenir? Located throughout the Space Center, shopping spots and souvenir stands will help your students leave with nostalgic memorabilia they’ll use once and never pick up again.

For all other information on what to do during your visit at the Kennedy Space Center, visit their website at: You’ll find downloadable guides, lists of exhibits, and contact information to make the most of your field trip.

Let’s just hope you win the approval of Cory, the really cool 3rd grader, with this trip to the Kennedy Space Center.