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Celebrities – they’re just like us, but famous! They lead extraordinarily mundane lives just like you or me. The only difference is their day job is being filmed and loved by millions of people everywhere.

However, there are some celebrities that just might not be boring at all…

…such as the unusually large amount of celebrity actors who also have a lucrative racing background. The crossover is so vast, you’d think race car driving is the best acting class. That’s why we’ve made a list of celebrities who are also race car drivers. Here are a few celebrities you might never see enroll in an online traffic school class.

Patrick Dempsey

The most well-known celebrity actor who races cars is Patrick Dempsey. Known from his role in Grey’s Anatomy, this heartthrob fictional doctor enjoys, or enjoyed, racing cars before his hiatus from racing. He’s now taking time to focus on his family and acting career, but he’s a man who has the need for speed.

Frankie Muniz

Remember Frankie Muniz? He was the protagonist in the series Malcom In the Middle, and envy of children everywhere in his role as Cody Banks in Agent Cody Banks. After his grand retirement from acting, he decided to pursue a career in his second most favorite hobby – racing. He’s not making much noise in the racing community since leaving acting, and, at one point, he even suffered a wrist injury.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson – yes, the British comedian actor known for his role as Mr. Bean enjoys racing cars. Known for being not so serious in front of the camera, Atkinson is very serious while behind the wheel. Participating in competitions, races, and other contests, Atkinson is a well-respected racer from England. He’s also still acting in several films.

The Entire Cast of Fast and The Furious – Wait, Those Films Aren’t Real?

The cast of the The Fast and The Furious franchise are all well-known race car drivers. Have you seen the films? The way that entire cast is able to dodge police, drive out of planes, and do flipped out tricks is just proof they are proficient drivers. Wait, that’s all CGI? None of that is real? Well…

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, recently deceased, was well known for his enthusiasm in racing cars. Considered a heavy car enthusiast, Walker engaged in racing cars both on screen and off. The man lived and breathed exhaust. Known for his role in The Fast and the Furious, Walker was loved by many for his passion for speed.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, American Broadcaster, also had a taste for the race. He was considered an aspiring race car driver with many accolades as well as having a familiar broadcast voice. Not only did he race on land, but he also participated in racing in the sea. There was no escaping this man’s passion for outspeeding his competitors.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman is among the most successful auto racing celebrities. Known to have won plenty of competitions as a racer, Paul Newman had an almost as successful career behind the wheel as he did in front of the camera. Newman is known for his roles in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Hustler, and Harper.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen, that’s right, the man behind Home Improvement, also had a career in racing. He’s probably had the worst career in racing, but still loves to speed around on the tracks as an enthusiast. This side of Allen has always been a bit of a secret, and perhaps it’s because of his track record.