The state of Oregon is considering a measure which would identify different types of drivers. Specifically, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is looking at options which would allow licenses without the proof of legal presence or driving privilege cards. The move is aimed at drivers who commute into and out of the state, in most cases for employment reasons.

Since 2008 Oregon has required legal proof of U.S. residence before it would issue a driving license. As a result, some say, the annual renewals for a Class C license has dropped about 30 percent. The sate is looking at ways of reversing this trend and making it easier for those with business in the state to do their business in the state legally.

Some look at this new option as a way of making it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain an Oregon driving license. Others see it as a move to strengthen the state’s economy. Regardless of how it is viewed, however, any move making it easier to obtain a license would likely result in more driving licenses issued in the state, boosting revenue and likely commerce as well.

No date for a change in Oregon state law has yet been announced and exactly how, or even if, the state law would be changed, but the governor has said publicly he is seriously looking at making some sort of change.