Since they started keeping records in 1910, New York City has now logged the fewest ever annual traffic deaths.

That means, although there are now more cars on the road than ever before, it is also safer for drivers and pedestrians than it has ever been before. I would like to think defensive driving has at least a little something to do with that.

Defensive drivers are always avoiding distractions, following all the safety laws and all the rules of the road. Defensive driving NY means being patient (which is a good thing to have in abundance if you drive in NYC); being careful and methodical in everything you do behind the wheel.

Speeding around from place to place won’t get you there much sooner, but it will make you use more gas and possibly result in a speeding citation. A New York defensive driving course can help you avoid the points from adding up on your license, but if you lose control of your vehicle and hit a tree, a defensive driving course won’t fix a busted head.

This past year saw a whopping 13 percent reduction in the number of traffic fatalities. Despite this marked decline more than 235 people died as a result of a traffic accident in NYC, and more than half of them were pedestrians. Although pedestrian deaths as a result of a traffic accident are also at an all time low.

Among the things which have led to the reduction in traffic fatalities are new slow speed zones, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossing areas and improvements in roadway designs. The NYC police have also stepped up enforcement of existing DUI laws, handing out more than 1 million citations for moving violations in the past year alone.

This concerted effort by city planners and police has created a much safer environment for everyone on NYC streets. NY Defensive drivers and those with a little less experience can all share in the joy of getting to their destination knowing they are just a little bit safer than they were last year.

Image: Damian Brandon /