For older drivers the mere suggestion their driver privileges could be curtailed or taken away completely is tantamount to taking away their freedom. And rightly so. Public transportation, while readily available in the New York City area is still quite limiting in terms of where you can go, when you can get there and what you can bring with you.

Fortunately there are an abundance of options for drivers who have reached a certain age which can help them continue to hone their driving skills, stay current on traffic laws and be safe, defensive drivers.

The first idea is to attend and online defensive driving school New York. A defensive driving course, even when it’s taken online, can help sharpen skills that might have grown rusty, familiarize a driver with changes in traffic laws and help instill a sense of confidence in someone who has grown doubtful of their own abilities. Because the course can be taken online there is a real sense of privacy, nobody but you and your insurance agent need to know you successfully completed the course. Plus, your insurance company is very likely to offer you a 10 percent discount for taking and completing the course (that’s why you should tell your insurance agent.)

It also helps if a senior driver can restrict themselves to driving only when conditions are safest. During daylight hours, in nice weather is the best time for senior drivers. Visibility is best during the days and when there is no inclement weather. Plus, in the event of a breakdown, it is much easier to find assistance during the day time than it is at night, or in the middle of a snowstorm.

Senior drivers might also find it easier if they plan their driving in advance, trying to make the shortest trips possible, or limiting their driving only to a family member’s home and only after telling the family they are on their way. This way if there is a problem, like the driver getting lost, there is someone who knows to be on the lookout for them. They should also stay on familiar roads and avoid traveling to places they have never visited before. This will help ensure they know where they are and where to go at all times.

Defensive driving NY doesn’t just have to be for the young. Once drivers reach a certain age it is true their motor skills can become impaired, but not every elderly driver is affected the same way. It is important every driver be treated as an individual and given an opportunity to improve any skills which they might have lost during the process of raising a family, working hard and being good citizens.

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