A new reality television show on ‘A&E’ is offering many people a close-up look at the trials and tribulations of driving school instructors and the challenges they face every day.

The school is owned by Steve Ruppaner and based in Astoria, New York. The show is a mix of humor and tragedy as inexperienced drivers take their turn behind the wheel on busy New York streets.

To be fair, the students are people who have repeatedly had trouble passing their driving test, not young, first-time drivers (although there will likely be a few of those.) The show is called “Last Chance Driving School” for a reason. These are mostly drivers who have had a serious problem learning how to safely operate a motor vehicle and have come to school as a last-chance salvation.

There is no better way to learn to drive than to get behind the wheel and try it. Nothing can replace the feel of being behind the wheel of a real automobile, on an actual street, in normal traffic. When drivers learn their skills in unpopulated areas and then venture to congested areas, that is when trouble often ensues.

Driving schools are a great way for inexperienced drivers to get the skills and experience they need without setting off alone on busy streets. Especially when those busy streets take them through New York City. Having a reality show based on the experiences of these driving school instructors might be a wake-up call for some drivers who continue to believe that they have all the skills they need to drive safely. It might also serve as a lesson to those who remain unable to master good safe driving skills, letting them know that there is always help available and that they should never stop perfecting their skills as good defensive drivers.