New York State Department of Motor Vehicles makes it easy enough for anyone to go online and access their own driving record with just a few quick clicks of the mouse.

Many states are now turning to the Internet as a way of relieving crowded motor vehicle offices, with long lines and long waits. By using the Internet the DMV can make finding out information about your license, registration; insurance or driving requirements, quick and painless. Since the Internet is open 24-hours a day, you don’t need to make a special trip to get the information you need. If you’d like to ask your questions in the middle of night, the web site is open.

The New York State DMV has a special online service which will even retrieve a driver’s specific driving record. Called MyDMV, the online service makes retrieval of personal records quick and easy.

New York drivers can use the MyDMV online service to submit an address change, sign up for paperless alerts from DMV, monitor their teenagers driving record, restore their license after a revocation, and receive their driving record abstract. New features are planned which will allow drivers to sign up for the organ and tissue registry.

Anything which can help relieve the congestion at local DMV offices is viewed as step in the right direction for most public agencies and the people who use them. By making good use of the latest technology many agencies can use the Internet to alleviate the need for making a special trip to a branch office during a specific time or day.

Of course, defensive drivers understand the importance of keeping their driving record in good standing so as to avoid insurance rate hikes, traffic citations or points added to their license. It’s not difficult to maintain your license in good standing if you are a careful, conscientious driver. Being aware of state law and following all traffic regulations is also a step in the right direction.

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