Since Texas highways first offered specially designated lanes for high occupancy vehicles those lanes have been free to use for any driver with two or more occupants in their vehicle. Now the state is looking to start charging drivers to use those lanes. It is a sign of change in the highly traveled area which now suffers from an increase in traffic and congested roads in many areas, especially highways in the the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

No doubt the change will come as a shock to some drivers, while others recognize it simply as a cost of using the area’s extensive highway system. Regardless of what they might think of the new tolls and fees drivers should simply accept that they are now a fact of life and get over it. No point in allowing the new fees to cause you angst and frustration while you commute to work or simply navigate the new roads, bridges and exits.

Always drive defensively, regardless of what the states might charge you to do so. You’ll be better off in the long run!

Fee-based express lanes – open to all drivers, but with discounts only for vehicles with three or more people on board – start next year on the LBJ and DFW Connector highways that are being reconfigured in an effort to ease congestion.

And as officials look for ways to safely integrate those changes into the current system – and eventually transition existing HOV lanes to some kind of a toll – they are weighing what to do with the tens of thousands who already frequent the carpool lanes every day.