Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for a driver than driving a long distance to get to their destination only to find there’s no place to park. Or no place to park that doesn’t cost you a full day’s wages.

Hours can be wasted circling around and around, searching endlessly for one of the precious few places to park on the street where the meter actually works and there isn’t a driveway or a fire hydrant. You can miss your dinner reservation, your movie, your play or your sporting event just spending time looking for a place to park. Or, giving up on someplace reasonable, hand over a wad of cash to park in some dingy garage for a couple hours.

Frustrating is hardly a harsh enough word.

Fortunately there is a new web site which might just open up a whole new way of finding a city parking space that doesn’t cost you reams of cash. The site is called “ParkatMyHouse” and it began in Britain, where parking in the London area is downright highway robbery, but people have little choice.

The idea is to allow those people who actually live in cities to rent their parking spaces to people in need of a place to park. Whether for an hour, a few hours or even overnight, the new site aims to match parkers with people with available parking. This could open up a lot of new parking spaces overnight.

The new service will first become available in the United States only in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but if it catches on, more states will be added to the roster. In Britain the service claims to have over 40,000 available spaces in and around London and other cities, making it a very popular site with drivers.

So before you waste time circling the streets of New York for a parking space check online. It might just save you a lot of time and a lot of your precious sanity.

Image: Maggie Smith /