Sheriff’s Office Focuses On Dangerous Drivers

What’s the opposite of a dangerous driver? A defensive driver. A defensive driver understands the importance of following the rules of the road, obeying traffic signals and paying close attention to the road in front of them and what is going on all around them. A dangerous driver just jumps behind the wheel of their car, stomps on the accelerator and maybe says a prayer for any other drivers sharing the road with them that day.

There is no trick to defensive driving. Anyone who has successfully finished a defensive driving course understands just how damage a 4,000 pound projectile can do if the driver behind the wheel isn’t careful. Members of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department also know how dangerous some drivers can be. This past Thanksgiving holiday deputies saw a 100 percent increase in traffic incidents from the year before, prompting the sheriff to increase his department’s presence on the local roadways.

This increased response is meant to turn the tide in Milwaukee County when it comes to dangerous drivers on the roadways. They hope that more deputies on the road will remind drivers to be safe on the roadways, especially during the holidays.

Among the most dangerous types of drivers, Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke says, are distracted drivers. Drivers who think they can text while they get behind the wheel risk not only their own lives, he said, but the lives of everyone who shares the road with them. Drivers who have successfully completed a defensive driving course, or completed an online defensive driving course, know they need to devote their full attention to the skill of driving if they want to avoid an accident.

If you’re driving through Milwaukee County this holiday season don’t be surprised if you see more than a few deputies handing out tickets to dangerous drivers. But if you’re a defensive driver you can cruise on through–safely.

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