Maryland Department of Transportation is warning drivers to avoid the area of I-895 near the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel for the entire summer while construction crews enact repairs are the fixture.

The $3.9 million construction project begins on June 20th and traffic delays are expected nearly from the first moment. Specifically, rush-hour and weekend delays of up to an hour will be likely. Construction crews will be replacing the concrete decking on the four-lane bridge located just south of the Interstate 895 tunnel toll plaza. That means hundreds of construction workers, several pieces of heavy equipment; trucks hauling away debris and hauling in construction material.

The situation in Maryland is ideal for traffic delays, frustrated drivers and dangerous situations for everyone who might need to travel in the area. Defensive drivers know they need to slow down when road workers might be present, regardless of whether or not signs are posted telling them to do so and threatening them with increased fines if they don’t. It is simply a matter of common sense that if there is a pedestrian in the area, and you are in a car, you should slow down and yield to their action.

The work will be done in four phases and is expected to be completed in October so the traffic delays and hazardous situation won’t last forever, but department of transportation officials and police are expecting that while it lasts the situation will be dangerous for all involved.

There is no reason to speed or even maintain the posted speed limit any time road workers or pedestrians are in the area. Your three thousand pound car is like a bull in a china shop when pedestrians are about. It is better to be safe than sorry when you are driving in a congested area with construction workers.