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If you have been wondering where all the humanity in our world went, all it takes is a bit of digging to find the good people. They are everywhere and there was recently a story that popped up from the St. Louis area. A man was driving his 5-year-old niece home from her chemo appointment when he was pulled over by a officer for a routine traffic stop. On the surface, this may not sound like a good story, but the situation takes a positive turn.

Matthew Manley was the man who was pulled over and when he saw the police car, he immediately knew what he had done wrong. He had been delaying the transfer of his new license plates for a bit of time and he knew that this would result in getting a citation, which is something you learn in a MO Driver Improvement course. Manley had been driving his niece back and forth to chemotherapy for cancer treatment every day which did not make the day any easier.

After the officer cited him a ticket for his license plates, he then went back to the police car and started rummaging through his trunk. Manley did not know what to think and even sent a text to his wife Dana because he was a bit scared! He was timid thinking about what was going to happen next. Manley was nervous until the police officer, Shawn Birdsong, returned to his vehicle and had a pink backpack in his hands. He gave the bag to Manley and said that it was for his niece and he hoped that it would help brighten her spirits.

Inside the bag was a note from the officer Shawn Birdsong to Manley’s niece that said he hoped she felt better soon. There were also some clothes, toys, and art supplies contained inside the bag. Manley was so moved by the act that he not only thanked the officer for his kindness, but he also shared the story on his Facebook page and thanked the officer again there. This was such a heartwarming act that meant so much to the Manley family and the little girl.

The Facebook post eventually reached Birdsong again and he then called the Manley family to thank them. Since then, he has called back to check on the little girl 3 or 4 times. He has gone above and beyond his role by showing this compassion for the little girl. He had the backpack in his truck at the time because he was participating in Project Backpack St. Louis which puts together backpacks with comfort items and necessities for children. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to help make the day of this little girl a bit better, especially since she was going through such a trying and difficult time.

If you are looking to stay out of trouble while driving, consider taking a course through the best traffic school online and remember to show compassion to others all season long.