As strange as it may sound, when you crash your vehicle, you shouldn’t panic because, “There’s an app for that!” The value of your smartphone and its capabilities are continuing to grow, especially when it comes to resolving an auto insurance claim. Continue reading to learn how a growing number of auto insurers are streamlining the claims process by utilizing mobile apps.

The Old Way

In the old days, when you had a wreck, you would have to go through a strenuous and timely process that usually mirrored the following.

  1. After your vehicle has been in an accident, you must report the claim to your insurance company.
  2. Take your vehicle to a repair shop or wait for a claims adjuster to schedule a time to access the damage.
  3. After the damage was accessed, you would typically have to wait for several days for your insurance company to send you a check to pay the repairs.

As you can see, the common theme in this process is the word “wait.” Instead of waiting, more and more major auto insurance companies are using mobile apps to expedite the process.

There Is An App for That

Simply put, by using an auto insurers’ free mobile app, you can reduce your wait time and condense the entire claims process to a matter of hours. Keep in mind, the process of using mobile apps will vary from insurer to insurer. In any case, the theme is faster claim processing and less wait time.

Most recently, Esurance added the option of uploading real-time videos in March. In addition, the insurer allows policyholders to video chat and show the damage to appraisers all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Allstate’s QuickFoto Claim allows consumers to coast through the process by simply snapping images and submitting the images from the phone. Although this feature is only available in 42 states, Allstate expects to take their expedited claim process nationwide relatively soon.

How Fast Is It?

Undoubtedly, the new claims process is very fast. For example, Allstate averages only four hours from the time they receive the photo to the time the customer receives their first estimate. Esurance has used apps to slice off two to three days off the insured’s wait time to an impressive timeline of two to five days. Even more impressive, Esurance is targeting reducing the time of processing a claim to one day.

Win-Win Situation

The insured aren’t the only ones benefiting from this expedited process, insurers are as well. Insurance companies are effectively reducing costs by not having to send claim adjusters out for minor cosmetic damage.

Hold Your Phones…

Before you decide you are ready to take a snapshot of your damaged vehicle, hold your phone because the process is mainly designed for smaller fender benders. In cases of serious or structural vehicular damage or accidents with injuries, you will most likely have to wait for a more strenuous investigation. In addition, if your pictures are not of the best quality, your appraiser may not be able to determine the extent of the damage through a scratchy images.

In either case, going the traditional route is always an option if you are not comfortable with using the insurer’s app. However, if you are looking to save time and quickly process your auto insurance claim, There’s an App for That.