nascar California Traffic School

America created the world’s most innovative and progressive concepts. This beautiful country is the forefather of freedom, the pursuer of manifest destiny, and the inventor of… NASCAR, baby! Nothing will get your blood pumping like the sight of boxcars racing ‘round a gigantic track.

Friday, May 18th is NASCAR Day. The yearly holiday that kicks off the festivities behind the NASCAR season. If you’re new to America’s most beloved racing sport, you might not know the best ways to observe the holiday. No need to stress, because you’ll find your legitimate list of ways you can honor America’s more nuanced holiday: NASCAR Day.

Gear up with NASCAR garb

Dust off your NASCAR track suit, because it’s the official outfit of NASCAR Day. Whether you plan on staying home or tailgating with your friends, you need people to see you in your audacious outfit. Bonus points if it’s custom made by your own sponsorship.

Rev your engine at stoplights

Like the ticking countdown before the fierce start to the race, every stoplight presents you with the opportunity to launch off from the starting line. By revving your engine, while waiting at every stop light, you can let people know how much you love NASCAR. However, you might make other drivers anxious – anxious like a losing NASCAR driver.

Have a backyard barbecue

If you’re seeking a tame night of festivities, then invite your friends over for some barbecue and brews. Barbecue and beer is America’s traditional way of celebrating any occasion. NASCAR is no exception. You can make a race out of who can eat their BBQ ribs the fastest.

Make left turns in your neighborhood

Trying to get inside the mindset of a real racer can be a perilous feat. However, if you’re craving the feeling of torque revving while behind your wheel, there may be a solution. That’s making left turns around your neighborhood while following road signs. You might not have the speed, but you do have a track. Just be sure to follow the speed limit otherwise you could be enrolling in a California traffic school.

Paint your sponsor’s logo on your car

One way you can celebrate NASCAR Day is to earn a sponsorship and decal their logo on the hood of your car. Race car drivers always have a sponsor who is helping finance their lifestyle. That’s why you need one to support your NASCAR passion. Don’t forget to choose your number designation, too.

Pop some champagne all over your friends

Every NASCAR champ celebrates their victory by popping a bottle of champagne in a crowd of roaring fans. Pretend you just won the Daytona 500 and launch a cork into a screaming group of your peers while you spray them with champagne. You’ll be like your hero: Kyle Busch.

Wave NASCAR certified flags at passersby

Ready, set, go – wave your flags at passersby. People will think you’re the grand marshal of the block. Your assorted collection of flags will let people know the condition of the roads ahead. You’re celebrating NASCAR day and you’re a good Samaritan.

Get some buddies together to impersonate a pit crew in your garage

Finally! Role players are free to dawn their NASCAR mechanic jumpsuits and pretend to be their own pit crew WITHOUT the judgement of their peers. There’s no other bonding experience like being in the pit with your friends hastily changing tires. Leave it NASCAR to teach you the value of teamwork and friendship.