Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter is encouraging all state drivers to respect the law and promise to stop texting while driving on Sept. 19. That date is part of a nationwide campaign started by AT&T.

“Texting while driving is against the law, plain and simple. We embrace these education campaigns like ‘It Can Wait’ to help change people’s attitudes,” said Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter in a news release. “It’s up to you to make that commitment so that everyone can arrive safely.”

“Our goal is to save lives,” said Jason Olson, Director of External Affairs, AT&T Idaho. “I hear from far too many people whose lives have been forever changed by a texting-while-driving accident, and together, we want to spread the word about how deadly a single text can be. Texting and driving should be as unacceptable as drinking and driving.”

Idaho already has a statewide ban on texting while driving, as do more than two dozen other states. Recent efforts have been pushed by an assortment of driving safety experts, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

State legislators have heeded the calls for laws banning the use of handheld devices, specifically focused on texting and driving. So far federal legislators have avoided the calls for a nationwide ban and instead allowed the states deal with it the ways they feel is best for their citizens.

Among these efforts some private companies, such as AT&T, have stepped up their own efforts to educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving in the hopes that they make a difference, and (likely) keep their customer base alive as long as possible.