State police officers in six states have now launched a two-day campaign aimed directly at anyone who thinks the Independence Day holiday is a great time to down a few beers then get behind the wheel of their automobile and try to drive home. Not only is that dangerous and potentially deadly, it is also stupid and against the law.

Police forces from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan and Indiana will work together to minimize intoxicated driving and crashes. As part of the 6-State Trooper Project, troopers have set up multiple sobriety checkpoints across the collaborating states to get reckless drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs off the road.

Police patrols will be using a combination of tactics to counter the annual increase in drunk driving incidents which happen during the Independence Day holiday week. They will doubtlessly increase the number of officers they have out on patrol because cruising the streets looking for people who might be drunk behind the wheel remains an effective counter measure to thwart drunk drivers. But they won’t stop there. Nope. Police in these six states will also have DUI checkpoints set up on major roads and anywhere they feel they might have the best chance of catching drunk drivers. (This might include that secret shortcut you use to evade police in the first place.)
The best way to avoid a drunk driving arrest and the fines and punishments which come with it is to not get behind the wheel drunk in the first place. If you are going to be drinking this holiday make certain you arrange for a safe and sober ride home before you ever leave your house. You never know when you might be the one causing an accident while drunk, or even, being the victim of a vehicle crash caused by a drunk driver.
So, set a good example for others to follow and have a safe holiday!