dui checkpoint traffic school

For those curious about the on goings of a DUI checkpoint, we’re exhaling the process of a DUI checkpoint for you. That was an example of some good word play! You didn’t come here for the word play, so here’s what happens during a DUI Checkpoint.

How They Work

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) checkpoints can pop up just about anywhere and anytime. You can spot them, because traffic officers create a road block and close off all lanes except for one. This is to check on the status of drivers by filtering them through one, single lane.

The goal is to catch and remove any drivers who may be operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Therefore, any suspicious behavior is often a sign of someone who is under the influence.

What To Do

Not if, but when you find yourself in the middle of a DUI or DWI checkpoint, the important thing to remember is to comply with traffic police during this process. Creating any kind of confrontation or suspicious behavior is often a red flag. Especially when officers just want to keep the roads safe for everyone.

More often than not, officers ask for your driver’s license and car registration form. Following this, you are asked to briefly answer a series of questions. This will help determine the sobriety of any drivers behind the wheel. Any unusual behavior will encourage the police officers to conduct a field sobriety test.

So, what’s there to expect if you’re expecting a field sobriety test?

Field Sobriety Tests

The Field Sobriety Test is a in depth process to determine the sobriety of the driver. This test is broken into three different physical challenges. But, it’s not like competing in a game show, like how I just described it.

During the first phase of the test, you will be asked to balance yourself on one leg while stretching with the other. If you are under the influence, finding balance will be difficult.

The second step is the notorious walk-in-a-straight-line test. This will challenge your ability to, well, walk in a straight line. Which, when you’re under the influence is extremely challenging to do.

If you’ve made it this far in the test, then get ready for the eye gaze test. This final step tests your ability to follow an object with your eyes while holding your head still. Which, in case you haven’t seen the pattern, is extremely challenging to do while under the influence.

Because it’s designed to be that way.

These tests have been tested to be accurate, since they are standard across the country. So, forget about trying to learn the alphabet backwards, because that’s a sobriety test that nobody can pass. Not even people who are sober.

When you find yourself stuck in a DUI checkpoint, just remember that the traffic officers are keeping the roads safe. You should always comply and make their job easier, because nobody enjoys dealing with difficult people. Finally, never operate a vehicle while under the influence.

If you know someone who is a first time Nevada DUI offender, they will be required to take a NV 8 hour DUI course. Other states may order offenders to take traffic school to lessen the charges.

Keep a clean driving record and never get sloppy behind the wheel!