Texting While DrivingCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown just made it possible from drivers in California to text while driving, provided they do not touch their phone while they do it. The new law takes effect next year and is meant to take advantage of improving communication technology, something which is readily available in California.

As automobile manufacturers, automobile safety advocates and a host of governmental agencies become more and more aware of the dangers of distracted driving, texting while driving in particular, communications and technology companies are looking for ways to make their ubiquitous devices something which is not a public safety hazard. So, they are introducing new technology which allows users to send a text or email using a hands free device using voice recognition software. It is believed the new technology will make it more safe to use these devices because the driver’s attention will remain focused on the road ahead-all they have to do is speak to have the message sent.

Whether or not the technology works as well as intended remains to be seen, but Brown believes it is worth putting to the test on California roadways where hands free devices are required and texting while driving is banned.