The Georgia State Patrol and the Florida Highway Patrol have teamed up to make certain all the fans arriving for the Georgia Bull Dogs and Florida Gators game in Jacksonville this weekend do it safe and sober.

This combined force has been promoting safe driving in the run-up to the game and making it clear that driving under the influence of alcohol will simply not be tolerated. That means on the north side of the Florida/Georgia border Georgia State Police will be increasing patrols to spot drunk drivers or even drivers just being reckless on the roadway because they are too excited for the upcoming game. South of the border the Florida Highway Patrol will be doing much the same thing.

These two agencies will be teaming up to keep their own fans safe, but also everyone else (including non-sports fans) who is sharing the highways with them before and after the game.

The annual Florida/Georgia game is known as “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” which has given people the idea that “anything goes.” Fortunately, the highway patrol and all local law enforcement officers have a different way of thinking about being a fan and supporting your favorite team. They want people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but they don’t want them to do it at the cost of someone’s life.

This weekend tens of thousands of Georgia and Florida fans will converge on Jacksonville to support their team and have a good time with their friends and families. This is a great way to spend the weekend and there is certainly nothing wrong with having a good time.