The debate over the problem of mixing too many cars with too many pedestrians continues to rage in Central Florida, where millions of tourists, some in cars and some on foot, mix every day during tourist season.

The situation in Florida is so bad that last year Central Florida was named the most dangerous place in the world for pedestrians.

The problems arise from pedestrians crossing streets where they want (jaywalking) and cars failing to yield for pedestrians even when they do. To help curb these problems Central Florida police (specifically in Orlando, Florida0 have started handing out tickets to pedestrians who fail to use the crosswalk, or cross without checking the signal first. they are also cracking down on drivers who fail to slow or yield when pedestrians are in the area.

In the last ten years, 557 people have died during the past decade while trying to cross streets in Central Florida. Hopefully new efforts to curb this issue will result in fewer deaths and a better reputation for the area.

Last year Central Florida was named the most dangerous place in the country for pedestrians, based on the number of deaths.

That wasn’t news to people who depend each day on buses, bicycles or their own two feet. And it wasn’t a surprise to police officers and emergency-room docs.

They deal with the bloody chaos on our streets every day.

But when Transportation for America, a safety-advocacy group, labeled Central Florida the worst place to walk in the entire country, more people started to pay attention.

Nobody likes to be called the worst of anything. Just ask the Disney studio boss who quit over “John Carter.”

And it’s especially demoralizing when your deficiency is causing deaths that could be prevented.