CBS news blogger Gary LaPierre is weighing in to the ongoing battle about who has the worst drivers. And Florida wins hands down as far as he is concerned.

To be fair, LaPierre admits that Florida also has the highest rate of tourism in the nation and that most of those tourist arrive in the state via their automobile. That means that the ‘bad drivers’ he encounters there are usually from someplace else like Michigan, New Jersey, even Idaho. All of these drivers from around the country converge on Florida during specific seasons. This means that certain times of the year, drivers from certain states come down and wander the highways and back roads, trying to find their hotel, resort, golf course, restaurant or whatever it is they might be looking for.

As you might imagine this can be very frustrating for the drivers who live in Florida. They have to put up with other drivers coming down in huge groups; getting lost, wandering aimlessly; driving slow so they can see the sights; doing all the things that drive other drivers crazy. This has at least something to do with LaPierre’s decision to name Florida ‘worst drivers’ in the country.

I have the opportunity to drive through many states in the course of each year and it’s really difficult to pick one area as having the worst drivers, but since you insisted……the winner is: Florida…….by far. Probably more so than any other state, Florida has a lot of drivers who really aren’t from Florida. It’s a huge tourist state, “snowbirds” by the tens of thousands flock to Florida every year from up and down the entire east coast, to the mid-west to Canada, and maybe the dumb-driver syndrome just takes over when they cross the state line. I don’t think so.

I recently took a leisurely drive through northern Florida, across the panhandle, north through parts of Georgia, into Tennessee and then Kentucky. Florida drivers…..the worst. Georgia….nothing outstanding, Tennessee has its tense moments on some awful interstates and Kentucky, well they’re just too damn polite there. Pull up to a four-way stop intersection, no working signal lights of course, and you could sit there for ten minutes watching four drivers waving each other through…..”you go, no you go, no I insist you go, well alright.” Hell in Boston there would have been three fender-benders in that period of time, to say nothing of the number of birds that had been flipped. Do they have in-door plumbing in Kentucky yet?