Car accidents are never fun. But these car accidents are funny in a “how did that happen” kind of way. From the basement to the roof, these five drivers found themselves in some very interesting situations.

1. An Intruder in the Basement

Bizarre car accidents

Gerald was woken by a loud bang. His windows were smashed and his floor was destroyed. He naturally assumed that his furnace had exploded, but when he heard voices coming from the basement everything changed. There was an intruder in his house. He quickly called the police to let them know someone had broken into his house. Little did he know that this intruder was a Dodge Avenger!

The driver had managed to jump the curb onto the sidewalk, skid across the length of the yard, slam the car into the side of the house, and continue straight into the basement.

2. The Worst Parking Job in History

Bizarre car accidents

A 78 year old man was merely pulling his Mitsubishi Pajero into a garage. He gently eased it forward toward the open garage when everything changed. The unidentified man put the accelerator to the floor and punched through the rear wall of the garage straight into a boat on a trailer. His car came to rest entangled with the mangled remains of the trailer.

Now the man had two options: get out of the car and admit defeat or throw his car in reverse and slam on the accelerate to try and free his vehicle. Two guesses as to which option he choose.

Our fearless driver threw that gear shift in reverse and punched it. The trailer stubbornly clung on until the Mitsubishi Pajero rammed a Toyota Hilux as well as a different boat on a trailer across the road. The force of the impact collapsed another garage onto the second boat and a nearby camper.

He then put that Mitsubishi Pajero in drive and floored it straight into Proton and Hyundai sedans.

For those keeping score at home that’s four damaged cars, two broken garages, two destroyed boats and trailers, and one camper. Not bad for one parking job!

3. Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s a Drunk German in a Station Wagon!

Bizarre car accidents

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a flying car? Well David knows what it would be like to crash one at the very least.

David had had one too many when he hopped into his Skoda station wagon to head home for the night. At some point during his inebriated journey, David crossed the center line going three times the legal speed limit. He then hit an embankment at just he right angle to ramp it for 115 feet of glorious air and straight into the side of a church. Somehow he got away with only a few broken bones.

4. The Rube Goldberg Machine of Car Accidents

Bizarre car accidents

In a chain reaction straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon, a sedan crashed into a house and an SUV rolled into another. It all started with a collision between the sedan and the SUV. The SUV hit the sedan hard enough to send it sailing into a house. The driver of the SUV immediately leapt out of the car to help. Unfortunately, they forgot to put the vehicle in park. The car rolled backwards and hit a pole. No big deal until that collision jarred the vehicle into drive. It then proceeded to roll forward into another house.

5. One Frustrated Elephant and Fifteen Cars

Bizarre car accidents

If you’ve ever been rejected by someone dear to your heart, then you understand that sometimes you need to blow off steam afterwards. If you are an elephant in China that’s just been through a failed courtship you do so by smashing fifteen cars. All’s fair in love, but you’re insurance premium is still going to go through the roof.

While a defensive driving course might not be able to keep frustrated elephants away, it can help you avoid some of these other embarrassing situations and can get you a discount on that raised premium after an elephant attack.