According to the most recent AAA analysis of traffic statistics, the number of drunk driving-related fatalities occurs on New year’s Day. This is likely to be a few hours after midnight as folks are driving home from parties or celebrations where alcohol is served, or maybe they were just sitting home to watch the festivities on television, ran out of beer and went out for more.

Whatever the reason, if you plan on driving anywhere on New Years remember what you learned in traffic school online: Drive defensively. Remember, just because you were smart enough not to drink drive doesn’t mean every other driver was as cautious. There is bound to be at least one drunk driver on the road with you and that’s who you need to watch out for.

Keep your eyes open for drivers who might seem slow, sluggish or otherwise not fully in control of their vehicle. They might be weaving from lane to lane or they might be driving too fast. It might be the guy in front of you or the driver coming up behind you. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of what is going on around you.

When you approach an intersection, any intersection, do yourself a favor and if you are not required to stop, at least least slow down-even if the light is in your favor-and watch for other drivers who might not be aware they cannot drive right through your vehicle. When a driver is inebriated their reaction times slow way down and they are less likely to focused on what is happening around them. They might not realize their light is red and yours is green or that the car in front of them has slowed down or even stopped until after they crash into them.

Enjoy the New Year holiday; have fun, and stay safe. But be ready for a wild ride home, just in case. You don’t need an online traffic school to drive safely, but it sure does give you an advantage.

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