traffic laws

Often laws are updated and amended without anyone paying attention to changes that may affect them. Recently, the NYC Department of Motor Vehicles made a few changes to traffic laws that will affect drivers across the board. These changes should be carefully read to make sure you understand just what is being changed.

For our TLC licensees, the first critical change has to do with how driving and licensing privileges are restored for those commercial vehicle operators that have experienced loss of consciousness. This change was made in order to stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rules regarding the medical requirements for those operators. The amendment made to Part 9 was made to insure that these commercial drivers are medically fit to return to work. This amendment was made to protect both the driver and those on the road with those drivers.

Do you have a classic car? Part 16 of the vehicle code talks about personalized license plates issued to owners of historical or antique vehicles. This rule change is important for those that have antique vehicles and want to have specialized plates issued to their car. If you are looking for a plate that is not specialized, it may not be as important that you worry about this new law change. For anyone with an antique or historical car, this law may affect how easy it is to get your plates issued when you need them. It is important that if you are looking for plates, you talk to your local DMV for more information.

Have you ever had your license revoked? This change may affect you. Part 136 of the vehicle code is set to clarify the criteria for relicensing after revocation. It is important that you talk with your licensing department to understand just what it will take to get your license reinstated after it has been taken or revoked.