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Four independent studies show that our driver’s education courses are effective in reducing collisions and traffic violations.

Ohio Teen Driver Ed

AGES 15½ - 18




How to Get an Ohio Driver’s License

First, You Need to Take a Drivers Education Course!

  • You’ll receive a certificate once you complete the first 2 hours (keep this for in-car training)
  • You’ll receive a 2nd certificate when you complete the entire course (Keep this for when applying for permit
  • For those 18 and older, you’ll take the Adult Driver’s Ed course then skip to the last step!

Second, Get Your Permit

  • Once you are 15 and 6 months old, you can get your permit.
  • Take permit exam at your local Driver Exam Station.
  • Get 30 out of 40 multiple choice questions to pass!

Third, Complete Your Behind-the-Wheel Hours

  • You are required to complete 8 hours of driving with a driving school (they’ll need that first certificate!)
  • You’re also required to complete 50 hours of practice with a parent or guardian.

Last Step, Get Your OH Driver’s License!

  • If you are at least 16 & held your permit for at least 6 months you can now take your driving test!
  • If you are 18 and passed the Adult Drivers Ed program, you can now take your driving test!

FAQs for Ohio Teen Drivers Ed (AGES 15½ - 18)

Yes, we are approved by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS).

This course is for students ages 15.5-18 and need a learner/instructional permit.

Per OH state regulations, you must spend a minimum of 24 hours in the course.

No. You can take this course on multiple devices if you like. You can take it on your phone, tablet, personal computer or a variety of devices!

Yes. There are short multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter. You have unlimited attempts to pass each quiz.

Yes. Students must get 38 out of 50 questions correct on the final test to pass. You are allowed 3 attempts to pass. If you happen to fail 3 times, per OH state, you must take the course over.

You will receive the certificate of enrollment after you complete the first 2 hours of the course and must be presented to your driving school when you begin in-car training. You will receive the certificate of completion when you complete the course and pass the final exam. You will need this certificate when you apply for a learner’s permit.

You can contact us anytime, we’re available 24/7, and re-order a certificate for a small fee.

You will need to do 50 hours of driving practice with a parent or guardian (10 hours must be during the night), and 8 hours of driving behind the wheel with a driving school. Make sure you fill out this form completely and bring it to the driver exam station when you get your license: Fifty Hour Affidavit

Per OH state regulations, if you miss a security question, you will be locked out of the course for 24 hours.

You can get your license when you are 16 years old, held your permit for at least six months, completed your 24-hour Teen Driver’s Ed course and received a Certificate of Completion, completed 8 hours of training with a state-certified professional driving school and completed 50 hours of driving (10 of which must be at night) with your parent or legal guardian.

Once you pass the OH DMV road test you’ll receive a temporary driver’s license that will work until your official one (with your good looking photo on it) will arrive in the mail. Be sure you keep your official driver’s license in a safe place!

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We believe in thinking differently. We believe in challenging the status quo. We had an idea 25 years ago that changed the driving industry forever. The notion was simple: the more you enjoy learning, the more you'll remember. Over four million students and several effectiveness studies later, we're proud to say that we were right.

Foundational cognitive psychology research has shown that we learn best when lessons are short, spaced out over time, and actively tested. These are the proven brain-training techniques used to power the IMPROV® RecallBOOST platform. Learners receive focused, highly-targeted information in short, hard-hitting, and engaging bursts, making the given learning objectives stick.

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