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Learners Permit Practice Test and Cheat Sheets

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Georgia DDS Permit Practice Test

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Did You Know?

In order to receive a driver's license (or Instructional Permit) in Georgia, nearly all applicants are required to pass a written exam the first time they apply, which consists of knowledge regarding traffic signs and traffic laws.

Can you pass the Georgia Knowledge Test without any prior preparation?

It is crucial to study for the Knowledge Test prior to actually going in to a DDS office and attempting to pass the difficult exam on the first try. We have seen many people try to take the exam without any preparation, and very few succeed without first preparing with the DDS booklet or a free practice test. Many people underestimate the difficulty of the permit test, and are surprised when they find difficult questions on driving statistics, alcohol laws, and traffic fines. For this reason, maybe two people out of every hundred will pass the Georgia Knowledge Test without any prior preparation.

Learn the Road Signs, Rules, and Other Laws

Besides the people that either do not prepare at all, or else try to cheat, most people take the time to learn the road signs, rules, and other laws in order to pass the exam the first time. Even after preparing, it is not guaranteed that you will pass; however, most people who take the time to prepare perform much higher than those who try to cheat or do not prepare. So, the question is: how do you join those who passed the George Knowledge Exam the first time?

Our Georgia Learner's Permit Practice Test

The Georgia learner's permit practice test (updated for 2016) is styled after the real test both in the content of the question and the test structure. The practice exam will give you 20 multiple choice questions, with four options (A, B, C, and D) for each question. Not only will you see the right answer immediately after selecting your option, but you will also see the rationale for the correct answer. To ensure that you correct your mistakes and learn the material, take the time to read through these explanations in full.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

While all of the information needed to pass this Knowledge Exam can be found within the Georgia Drivers Manual, it is important to test your knowledge of this content using a practice test. The DDS Practice Test gives you the opportunity to learn the kinds of questions on the real exam, and prepare accordingly.

Cheating on the DDS Test

On the other end of the spectrum of permit test takers, some spend a considerable amount of time, energy and even money attempting to cheat on the DDS test. These people would spend their valuable resources on tracking down cheat sheets and then figuring out a way to use them during the test by phone or print out. There is no need to say this idea is not a great one, since the consequences of getting caught cheating far outweigh the benefits of potentially passing using this method. For instance, if you get caught cheating during the Georgia learners permit test, you are not only failed immediately, but also banned from taking the test for a long period of time.

Here are the Two Resources to Ace Your DDS Permit Test

The answer is easier than you might think: use the two best study resources available to you. The first, the Georgia Driver's Manual, holds all the information you need, comes from the DDS and can be downloaded directly from their website. The second resource is our practice test for the Georgia learner's permit exam. These materials are absolutely free, and you can take this practice test as many times as you want.

Fast Fun Done Driver's Education

The best way to study is to use the driver's manual from Georgia's DDS. After reviewing the material there, it is very helpful to take our online practice tests.

There are many different study methods, but a great option is to focus on one main topic at a time, taken from each main section of the driver's manual. Ideally, this makes the information easier to retain since it's more organized. After focusing on the main topics, read through the manual in its entirety and then turn to the practice tests we have available online. Taking the time for these steps will help you pass the test on the first time you take it.

No, you only have to have driver's ed to receive a GA license. Under Georgia law, teenaged drivers must take 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driver's education.

It is simple to find the GA driver's manual. You can always pick up a physical copy from your local DDS office; however, the easier option is to download it from their website.

You don't technically have to, but you have a much higher chance of passing the test on the first try if you read the manual in its entirety.

Questions can come from any part of the driver's manual, so make sure you are prepared. However, these are some of the types of questions you can expect on the permit test (all with multiple choice options):

  • "What is the first thing you should if you are involved in an accident?"
  • "What is the maximum speed limit for a residential district?"
  • "When driving on a multi lane highway, when is the only time you are allowed to drive to the left of the center line?"

The GA permit test consists of two sections (Road Signs & Road Rules), and both parts of the test have 20 questions. When taking the test, you must correctly answer 15 of the 20 questions in each section to pass. Should you only pass one section and fail the other, you are only required to retake the section you did not originally pass.

Taking a practice test is a great way to prepare for the real thing; the best option is to take the practice test on Georgia's DDS website.

You must take the permit test at your local Georgia DDS office. You can find the closest office, along with opening times, on the DDS website.

If you have already spent time studying for the test, then there's no reason to worry. That said, you can certainly take extra measures to ensure that you pass on the first try:

  1. Peruse the main sections of the driver's manual again
  2. Take the online practice test once more
  3. Spend more time on sections with specific numbers (i.e. speed limits, times, distances)
  4. Finally, make sure you are well rested for the big day!

There is no official statistic on the number of test takers that pass on their first try. However, it is apparent that those who prepare well and focus during the exam pass the first time around.

The main way to ensure that you are ready is to read the driver's manual in its entirety, since all questions from the exam come from this manual. If you can remember the main road rules and road signs, then you are certainly ready to take the permit test.

  • Identification
  • Proof of Residency
  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of Lawful US Presence (i.e. birth certificate)
  • Certificate of School Attendance
  • $10 permit fee