florida teens

If you are a teen driver in Florida and have just completed your driver education course congratulations!

Florida Drivers Ed can help you with defensive driving skills in a variety of ways. It can help you be a safer driver, prevent accidents, and even save you money on your auto insurance.If you are done with your FL driver education however, there are some things you should know about driving in the Sunshine State that is somewhat peculiar to Florida. Let’s take a look at some of them.Florida Has More Toll Roads Than Any Other State. Besides making it a bit more expensive to get from one place to another, toll roads can cause backups at toll booths. It is also the cause of quick lane changes from drivers looking for the appropriate, or fastest, lane to be in.Florida Drivers Come From All Over. Florida drivers have moved here from all over the country. They have not all taken a FL driver education course. Florida roadways are filled with more aggressive East Coast drivers mixed with more laid back drivers from the Midwest. This combination of driver attitudes can make for some interesting highway experiences.There are Loads of Tourists in Florida. Florida not only has drivers who have moved here from differing states, it has visitors from all over the world. That means you have drivers in unfamiliar rent-a-cars, driving on unfamiliar roads, and may be unfamiliar with the language. Be very careful out there!The Weather Quickly Changes. If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time you know it can go from sunny to torrential downpour and back to sunny in less than an hour. Florida’s downpours, especially in summer, can cause visibility issues and ponding on the roadways. This ponding can cause hydroplaning that even the best of Florida Drivers Ed may not have prepared you for.There Are A Lot of Retirees In Florida. This can mean some drivers with diminishing skills who may drive slower, in some cases, much slower, than you may prefer. Be patient, take your time and remember what you have learned from your driver education course. The object is to get to your destination and back safely.There are some unique aspects to being a teen driver in Florida. Remember the defensive driving skills you’ve learned in Florida Drivers Ed and keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe.florida teens