Humor in Florida Drivers Ed

Safe Driving is No Accident

Americans face a daily series of potential catastrophes when they head out on the roadways. The toll of accidents, injuries and deaths is certainly no laughing matter. It’s important to remember the dangers of driving and why Florida drivers ed is so important.

The statistics are, in fact, quite sobering, including:

  • Vehicle accidents injure someone every 18 seconds.
  • Over 2 million injuries are permanently disabling each year.
  • A person dies in a fatal crash on average every 11 minutes 24/7.
  • More people die annual from vehicle accidents than any other cause.
  • Vehicle accidents are the cause of 1 in 4 fatal work injuries.

When you take a driver education course, you significantly improve your chances of avoiding these statistics. In fact, FL driver education is one of the best ways to protect you and your passengers from normal driving errors.

Humor in Florida Drivers Ed

If the issue of driving safety is so serious, you might ask if there is any role for humor in a driver education course. In fact, decades of academic research show conclusively that laughing leads to learning. When a student takes defensive driving classes or attends a FL Driver Education course that incorporates humor in its instruction, humor helps make the lessons effective and memorable.

For example, a study published in College teaching shows the effectiveness of the instruction of Sam Houston University instructor Randy Garner, PhD. Garner incorporates humorous stories into his lectures on statistics. He reports the students show greater interest and retention those in classes where he avoids humor.

He makes the point that the simple fact of keeping the student’s attention is the first step in improved learning and instruction effectiveness. He states, “Humor can transform the learning situation from formal and stodgy to relaxed and comfortable." Communications researcher Jennings Bryant, PhD underlines this fact, based on his experiences with Sesame Street and The Electric Company.

If you want to improve your driving skills and learn more about laughing while learning register today for our driver education course! Completing your Florida drivers ed course online is the most simple way to satisfy Florida state requirements and get you on the road!