When Ohio police spotted Tyson Wilson, 33, speeding and driving recklessly on U.S. 68. near Xenia, Ohio, they had no idea that was just the least of his issues. After leading police on a lengthy pursuit which sometimes achieved speeds of 80 mph or more, Wilson finally pulled into a side road and stopped his vehicle.

Police administered a field sobriety test which Wilson failed. Police claim Wilson told them he drinks and drives frequently.

“He did make a statement about being high at the time and used some profanity in his quotes,” said Lt. Matt Cleaveland with the highway patrol. “He seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole deal.”

A search of his driving record showed that Wilson had so far received 33 suspensions of his driving privileges and 10 of those suspensions were still active. Meaning he had no right to be driving at all.

But even that was not the end of Wilson’s story. He also had his infant son sitting unbuckled in a car seat, which was also not fastened to the backseat. At any time during his high speed ride his infant son could have been injured or killed.

It is bad enough to risk your own life because you are too stoned, drunk or stupid to care about your driving skills, or even the lives of everyone who happens to be sharing the road with you that day. But to put your own infant child’s life at risk because you are an ignoramus is beyond belief.

Unfortunately, because Wilson continues to disregard his suspended license it seems likely he will continue to risk lives just so he can be allowed to indulge his inner idiot.