A New York man was recently arrested for drunk driving after police stopped him and found a dead deer in his trunk.

According to police, the driver, Andrew Caswell, 29, said he had struck the deer but not killed it. Afraid the animal was suffering, Caswell decided to take the hurt animal to the local hospital. That’s when police caught him, the deer was dead in the trunk and Caswell tested positive for alcohol. In fact, his blood alcohol content was .16, twice the legal limit.

This is definitely not a case of NY defensive driving success. In fact, I would call this an epic fail of the highest magnitude.

We can laugh at the absurdity of a drunk man driving around with a dead deer in his trunk, looking for a hospital, but really, it’s tragic.

Obviously Caswell doesn’t understand how important it is to drive safe and sober, or he wouldn’t have climbed behind the wheel after downing a few. Drivers who get behind the wheel drunk, or even buzzed, risk a citation, a suspended license and even death because they are not fully in charge of their faculties. Reaction times are slowed after you’ve had a few drinks. So is your judgement, your reflexes and common sense. Hence putting a dying deer in his trunk and heading for a hospital.

Defensive driving starts before you ever get inside your car. It requires you to fully acknowledge your ability (or lack thereof) for driving. It means handing over your keys to a friend if you’re too tired, or too drunk, so you don’t wind up making a bad decision. Distracted driving, whether you are fiddling with your radio, checking your hair in the mirror or drunk, greatly increases your chances of having a serious crash. And it might not be a deer you hit, but an unsuspecting pedestrian.

Photo compliments of Freephoto.