Florida teenagers living in Jacksonville had an opportunity to experience distracted driving from the safety of a machine designed to simulate the experience without endangering their lives.

The distracted driving simulator is sponsored by AT&T and part of their “Textng & Driving…It Can Wait” program designed to help convince teenagers to put their handheld devices down when they get behind the wheel.

The AT&T distracted driving simulator will be criss-crossing the country, making stops at high schools along the way and exposing hundreds of teenagers to the dangers of distracted driving in the safest possible way.

Teenage drivers represent the demographic most at risk of the dangers of distracted driving because they are also the most likely to use a handheld device in general.

With the 100 deadliest days for teens to be on the road about to begin, the timing couldn’t be more critical.

The simulator is part of AT&T’s aggressive Textng & Driving…It Can Wait is a program to educate drivers about the dangers of texting while driving.

A new survey conducted by the company found that while 97 percent of teens know its dangerous, almost half admit to doing sending texts when behind the wheel.

Today, AT&T’s simulator will be available to students at Stanton Prep. The company hopes the interactive simulator will deter teens from picking up the phone while driving.

Jacksonville is just one of multiple cities where the simulator will be making a life-saving stop around the country.