According to a San Francisco Bay Area DUI lawyer, police are using distracted driving laws to impinge on our civil rights and he wants them all repealed or at least more stringent regulations about how they are enforced created.

The attorney, Peter Johnson, recently gave an interview at a California newspaper where he expounded on his belief that these new laws were empowering police officers to make stops without due cause. Johnson claims that these officers sometimes pursue a line of interrogation which is unrelated to the reason why the driver was originally pulled. He said this activity is illegal and in direct violation of individual civil rights.

It seems unlikely these laws will be repealed, especially given the increased risk of a fatal collision which has been proven to be the case when drivers are distracted. The National Traffic Safety Administration and others have shown repeatedly that distracted driving is the single most likely cause of a fatal collision facing drivers today.

Civil rights are surely important in America, but if nobody is left alive to enjoy them what good will they do any of us?

68,000 California drivers were issued citations for distracted driving last month. The vast majority of these citations were for texting while driving – a violation that can have severe safety risks according to some officials. But the numbers, released by the California Office of Traffic Safety, do not reflect another significant risk – civil rights violations – according to local attorney Peter Johnson, General Partner of The Law Office of Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson contends that distracted driving laws are being abused by law enforcement. Distracted driving laws are meant to discourage a number of risky behaviors on the road, including texting, talking on a cell phone, and eating behind the wheel. But they are also used as a basis for conducting a pretext stop for to engage in unwarranted investigations and searches when the driver and passengers haven’t necessarily done anything wrong.