Wisconsin Defensive Driving Course
I thought the course was a good mixture of important information as well as humor to keep it from becoming overly tedious. - Nathanael L.
Funny stuff, I really enjoyed it. Thought it would be boring at first but this was easy and interesting. Highly recommend this class. - Kaylee L.
The humor really helped, but it wasn't overdone. Better than my last online course! - Michael Z.
This class was very educational and the site made it fun as well - Sam B.
The course was well written and kept my interest. The information was important for me to know and be aware of. - Mary M.
It was very interesting and therefore I read the content. I appreciated the jokes and Pit Stop. Didn't fall asleep even once! Thanks. - Joseph A.
I learned things taking the course and when I drove between course segments, I found myself a more considerate driver. - Thomas S.
It is a great course, very interesting and informative. - Fadia F.
I really appreciate the mere fact that this course is offered on-line. It makes it so much easier to do it this way than to have to spend a whole Saturday in class. - Melissa B.
Very informative, makes me sit back and evaluate my driving habit and make serious changes. - Christina S.
Everything was written in easy to read, common sense terms. The added jokes and stories were a nice break too. - Kristen S.
Thank you for making this easy for me. Not just the test but the online experience itself. - Lenishka V.
You made the a horrible experience, getting a ticket, fun & entertaining. Your Improv name has a great reputation and you didn't fail in your Traffic School. - Paula C.
This was a great way to take the class! Love it. - Patricia H.
Super easy but I still learned so much! - Christian L.
I have been driving for over 18 years and I really learned a lot taking this course. It was fun, interesting and very easy to understand (and pass). Having two toddlers and being a stay at home mom, it was so convenient for me to be able to log in and out as needed and take the course on my time. It would have been almost impossible for me to take an 8 hour class. A friend of mine just got a speeding ticket today. I am definitely going to tell her about you guys! Thank you so much! - Audrey A.
It was clever, laid-back and the information contained was well-presented. I even had a few laughs. - Sara D.
It is very easy, interesting, convenient and gave me something to do on my down time. I enjoyed it very much and am thankful for it. Also some of my friends took a look at it and they learned things they didn't know before and will take this course themselves. - Carlos R.
Congrats, being an immigrant, your way to word it out, excels to my understanding. excellent presentation. - David Z.
Fun and easy. Makes learning driving skills a breeze. The method of mixing comedy with defensive driving is genius! - Samuel S.
Very informative and convenient. - Hemragee R.
It was a lot easier for me to pay attention working from home on the internet compared to sitting in a classroom listening to someone read it to me for 6 hours. - Cathy L.
Great way to cover important material, and keep it from getting overly dry and text-bookish, it held my attention. Thanks! - Corey H.
Thanks, I enjoyed the course and learned a lot! I know I'll be a safer driver and will share some key info gained here with my family and friends. - Beth S.
Wisconsin Defensive Driving Course