Washington Defensive Driving Course
I really learned some things that I would have either forgotten or didn’t understand before, this course made me realize and learn new things. - Ricardo E.
It was fun and a good refresher course. A lot better than spending half the day in traffic school and it works around my schedule. - Catherine L.
As a tractor trailer driver for several years, I appreciate some of the course literature that is taught about truck awareness and safety. More people should be aware to reduce major accidents. - Michael F.
I found it very informative and entertaining. Helped me to realize that there were some habits, which I was doing, which were not correct. - Dennis A.
I would recommend this class...It is fun and really easy. - Fawn M.
I was dreading completing this class however, choosing Improv Traffic School made it entertaining. - Lisa H.
I enjoyed the course it was very informative, made me think about things I haven't in a while. - Mark D.
Greatest idea for a revolutionized traffic school exam. - Cory V.
I wasn't going to do a web-based class, rather a classroom class. The flexibility of the web-based class in terms of being able to complete the course in several different blocks of time (as opposed to spending a Saturday in class) is very much appreciated. - Regan C.
I found it very interesting and also enjoy the way that humor was added to keep me focused on the way people drive and showed my I need to be more aware the ever before while I am on the road driving. - Robert M.
Was it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoy being able to take this course in the comfort of my own home. - Daisy G.
I really enjoyed the course found it very interesting and was a good refresher course will recommend it for sure. - Antoinette Z.
Thank you so much! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a course that is fast and easy. A very good experience. - Joan W.
This internet based course was very convenient and easy to use. being in the comfort of your own home makes it that much more engaging ! - Yanell A.
Really enjoyed using this! Could use it whenever I wanted to and didn't feel pressured or stressed at all. Great course! - Trevor B.
I learned more detailed information than I did in the last 3 classroom setting courses. Much more. It was actually interesting and I reread things a few more times and actually discussed material with my spouse! - Theresa M.
I learned a lot of facts that I didn't know before. This course was easy to use and I was able to complete it at my own pace. - Lauren C.
Even for and older person who is nervous taking tests, it was very enjoyable and easy. - Charles E.
Very fun and simple. - Steven R.
I enjoyed this method rather than going to a classroom. I work full time and have two small children, so this was much easier to fit into my day to day life. - Barbara P.
I liked that I was able to schedule the course around my busy schedule. - Maria M.
Great course! Easy and fun. Wonderful customer service as well, they answered all my questions without hesitation. - Andy T.
This online course was more interesting than sitting in the classroom , I will recommend Improv to a lot of people, this is the first time out of all my years of driving I have taken an on line DDC. - Lucille F.
I liked this course so much because I can take the class any time of my free time and do not spend 5 hours in a classroom. Also saved some money. Thanks. - Carmen C.
Washington Defensive Driving Course