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Accepted by all Texas Courts

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Select this course only if you are attempting to receive an insurance premium discount and do not have a current traffic ticket that you need to dismiss.

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Texas Online Defensive Driving Courses

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Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal & Car Insurance Reduction

Improv traffic school was created over 20 years ago...

Written by professional Hollywood writers and fueled by laughs from the Improv Comedy Club

Our Texas Driving Safety School was created with the World Famous Improv Comedy Club to make it Fun, Fast, and Effective. Improv Traffic School's unique edutainment courses have won copious accolades from students and the media resulting in our being named Best Traffic School year after year.

  • Lowest Price Allowed by TX Law $35.00 $25.00

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  • FREE BONUS – 4 Tickets to the Improv Comedy Club ($60 Value)

Improv Traffic School is pleased to be approved by the State of Texas to offer you a TDLR certified TX Defensive Driving Course. View our certification.

TDLR School/Course Provider Name: Defensive Driving by Improv Comedy Club.

TDLR School #: C2663-4. TDLR Course Provider #: CP342

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Proceed and complete the driving safety course all at once or a little at a time. There are 10 short chapters, 3- question review quizzes (no passing grade required), and a 20-multiple choice question final. Continue on any device at any time. We stand behind your satisfaction with a
100% Money Back guarantee.

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The Certificate of Completion can be downloaded from your account and printed within 30 minutes of passing the final quiz. You can then submit the certificate to your court and to your insurance company if you wish.

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That’s it! We will also electronically report your completion to the TDLR within 1-5 business days after your course completion. You can then submit for your insurance discount. The Improv TX Defensive Driving Online Course was created with a single mission in mind, to offer you a fun and simple alternative to those boring defensive driving courses. Since then, we have helped over 4 million students and we would now love to help you!

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  • This Online Defensive Driving Course is the best comedy defensive driving course around.
    testimonial star ratings
    Lenny K., Houston, TX
  • Nobody likes to take a defensive driving class. But if you have to go, Improv is the best.
    testimonial star ratings
    Jenny P., Dallas, TX
  • Excellent defensive driving course.
    testimonial star ratings
    Kevin M., Irving, TX
  • I actually learned things that I either forgot or just didn’t know.
    testimonial star ratings
    Moesha B., Dallas, TX
  • This is by far the most fun, least painful and boring course I’ve ever taken. I even learned a few things. Thank you!
    testimonial star ratings
    Victor D., Austin, TX
    testimonial star ratings
    Isaac G., Justin, TX
  • I got so much out of this. I truly feel like a better, more aware driver. Thank you.
    testimonial star ratings
    Kyle H., Houston, TX
  • Much simpler than having to drive 30 miles to the nearest class!
    testimonial star ratings
    Wendy I., Waxahachie, TX
  • This was a painless thing to do, and it doesn’t make you bored. It was really fast and easy to do!
    testimonial star ratings
    Gregory S., Austin, TX
  • I was really pleased with the experience. Getting the ticket is stressful enough but this website made it a pleasure to read at my own time and get it taken care of. Thanks again.
    testimonial star ratings
    Jennifer T., Little Elm, TX
  • I am very impressed by the quality of your program. Great defensive driving course for Texas drivers.
    testimonial star ratings
    Angela R., Houston, TX
  • I have taken a 6 hour defensive driving course twice before; once in a classroom setting and once online. I have never learned as much information as I did in this online defensive driving course. Thank you.
    testimonial star ratings
    Maureen P., Austin, TX

Do I Qualify for a Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

More information to help you make the right choice.

If you're considering taking an online defensive driving course online, you need information to help you make the right choice and get an insurance discount. Remember that there are many reasons to take a defensive driving course including:

  • Ticket dismissal

  • Reducing auto insurance rates

The type of course that you choose to take depends on your reason for completing a defensive driving or traffic school course.

Defensive Driving Course Providers in Texas

Texas law allows individuals to complete defensive driving classes either in person through a commercial driving school or through an online provider approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). While both options have their advantages, there's no doubt that most drivers find online courses to be the most convenient. After all, you can work on the course at any time of the day or night with the availability of taking breaks.

If you plan on taking a defensive driving course in Texas, be aware that you may need to complete it within a set amount of time after enrolling. The law usually allows six months for completion to help maintain your driving record and dismiss your traffic ticket. Ineligibility is dependent upon whether or not a course has been completed.

Understanding Texas Traffic School Courses

As you likely know, there are different types of defensive driving and traffic school courses available to individuals in Texas. It's essential that you enroll in the right course for your needs. Depending on the specific class you choose, you may learn about topics including:

  • Driving laws in Texas

  • Defensive driving tactics

  • Road safety in hazardous conditions

  • The dangers of intoxicated driving

Traffic Ticket Dismissal Courses in Texas Traffic School

Many individuals who receive traffic citations in Texas can take this special course in order to dismiss the ticket and keep it off their driving record (insurance discount can vary per insurance carrier). The court handling your case will generally send a notice to let you know that you're eligible to take a traffic school course in order to have your ticket dismissed. If you haven't received such a notification, you'll need to check with the court before enrolling in traffic school.

To be eligible for ticket dismissal courses, you'll likely need to meet the following requirements:

  • You did not receive a traffic ticket while driving a commercial vehicle

  • In the 12 months before receiving your ticket, you did not take a court-ordered defensive driving course anywhere in Texas

  • You hold a valid Texas driver's license

In addition, you generally must not have a ticket issued for:

  • Speeding at or more than 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit

  • Driving at or faster than 95 miles per hour

  • Passing a school bus

  • A serious driving violation

  • Failing to stay and provide essential information and assistance after being involved in an accident

  • A violation in a construction zone when workers were present

Having a ticket dismissed prevents it from becoming part of your permanent driving record, and can also prevent your insurance rates from increasing. If you've had a ticket dismissed before, you'll need to check with the Texas DMV to confirm how many times you can complete a course in order to dismiss a traffic ticket.

What Is The Best Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas?

There are a lot of online defensive driving courses but we obviously think that our state approved online course is one of the best (and lowest price). What sets our course apart is that it is written by professional Hollywood writers and fueled by laughs from the Improv Comedy Club. It's also at the lowest price allowed by Texas law.

How Does An Online Defensive Driving Course Compare With A Traditional TDLR Approved Classroom?

Texas law allows individuals to complete defensive driving classes either in person through a commercial driving school or through an online provider approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).Our online course is much more convenient than using a traditional provider. You can pass and get your certificate in 30 minutes all from the comfort of your house.

A Texas Insurance Reduction course can be a great option if your insurer provides a discount for completing such a course. Remember to check with your insurance agent before you enroll in any courses.