North Carolina Defensive Driving Course
The course will definitely improve my driving. I will definitely be a more courteous driver and have more patience. - Ralph W.
Customer service support folks there at IMPROV are really cool, helpful and nice. - Willard W.
Contains great information I was not aware of before, especially attitude. - John B.
Best defensive driving course I have ever taken. Thank you for making it entertaining. - Megan G.
Entertaining, witty, and very pleasurable to take. Thumbs up! - Ewa W.
Loved the humor it made it more interesting. - June L.
Awesome technique for driving school. Had a bunch of laughs! I feel like I’ve learned more from this than original driving school! - Kara H.
The course was very well presented and entertaining. It made the class interesting and easy to continue. - Rene V.
A simple and fun way to learn the rules and become a more aware driver! Definitely recommending this school to people I know. - Alyson M.
It's a good and valuable tool for all road users, it's is done at one's own pace, which is very rewarding. - Lalbatchan S.
I believe that having the comedy inserted in each lesson influenced me to read through the chapters entirely. I learned things that, indeed, I unaware of before. Thank you Improv Traffic School for the 5 star online experience. I will highly recommend this course to others , not only in need, but to everyone in general. - Jason P.
Fun, helpful, EASY! - Jonny I.
I found this course to be very rewarding because it enhanced and reminded me of things I knew but forgot when it comes to defensive driving. Because I had to read I was able to receive the information better than listening in a classroom. I really enjoyed the cartoons and example stories. - Cynthia L.
Wonderful course! I will pass this along to my family, friends and coworkers. Very user-friendly as well. - Stephanie B.
I am glad I chose this course over other courses that I had seen and will highly recommend this to anyone who needs to take a defensive driving course. - Anthony L.
Fun, Fast, and got to take smoke breaks without permission! - Shawn S.
Much better than sitting in a classroom for 6-May hours listening to an instructor and watching outdated films! Excellent. Thank you. - Belinda L.
Taking the course at home made it easy. - Esther Q.
Excellent course, worth taking time out to hop on and take this course. Definitely suggesting this to my friends. - Kristen L.
Helpful, funny, and informative - Anthony A.
Good course made it more entertaining and easier to do on my time. - Jeffrey B.
Definitely got points across with responsibilities of driving. - Harvey A.
Excellent course designed to be easy to use for everyone. great content & layout. I would highly recommend! - Harmony T.
The course was easy and entertaining as well as very informative, helped me to understand the reasons why it is so important to be more aware when driving and how easy it is to make a mistake if you're not careful. - Angela W.
North Carolina Defensive Driving Course