New York Defensive Driving Course Testimonials

Fantastic, funny, and really easy! - Adam C., Rochester, New York

It is the best thing ever happen for this course. Everyone can take it at their own pace. - Clinton G., Brooklyn, New York

Great course. I like the use of humor, and the key-based security system worked fine as opposed to other program I tried. - Judith A., Woodbury, New York

I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a busy life like mine. Best online insurance discount course I ever took!!! - Michele M., Hauppauge, New York

I enjoyed the way this course was presented. It held my interest and made me laugh which kept my interest. - Amy S., Jericho, New York

Taking this course will improve my driving behavior. I learned many good thing here that are useful. After taking this course, I realized that I was missing a lot while driving. This course will make me aware and cautious on the road. - Adiara D., New York, New York

The Improv Traffic School was a very fun and easy way to get through the defensive driving course and I will be sure to recomend it to anyone who needs this course. - Gregory A., Albany, New York

I found the course to be very interesting and not boring at all. Thank You for providing an alternative to the boring classroom style. - Amy N., Poughkeepsie, New York

A lot more interesting than the usual in classroom course, and much more convenient for me. - Melissa O., Schenectady, New York

I recommend this school to any one because it will improve driving for everybody and save many lives for the country. - Kevin U., Jamaica, New York

It was avery enjoyable and interesting course. Even though I have been driving for a long time with good driving record, I was still able to learn some new things and facts. - Martin B., Bronx, New York

I enjoyed taking the course at my own pace. - Janet M., Wantagh, New York

This course was excellent! I liked the audio, text, and visual aids. Very well done! - Heather Y., Brookhaven, New York

It was a very interesting and very easy to use online course. I would recommend it to others interested in a defensive driving course. - Robyn R., East Rockaway, New York

I was amazed how interesting this course was. I actually enjoyed it and could relate to the scenarios and the jokes definitely helped. I took this course many years ago in a classroom and it does not even compare. Well done! - Tamar D., Bay Shore, New York

Excellent course. It was nice to have 30 days to complete. I am glad that I took the online course. - Rebecca I., Syracuse, New York

Excellent and easy layout to follow online. This course had tons of interesting facts and statistics I did not know, I learned a lot. - April T., Jamesville, New York

This course made it easy to pay attention, and the periodic breaks in the serious content made it actually enjoyable… Thanks for designing a defensive driving course that was actually FUN to take! - Eric N., Harrison, New York

I love the convenience of being able to pick times that worked for me. Having to give up an entire day for a course would be very difficult. Although this was the first time I have ever used this method, I enjoyed the humor. As a writer myself, I think it’s a valuable way to teach! - Laury R., Rockville Centre, New York

Excellent course! - Rachel M., Fayetteville, New York

It was an interesting course and experience. I was afraid it would be boring, but that was, gratefully, not the case. Certain topics such as handling poor driving conditions and emergencies were very helpful. Additionally, the road rage segment has made me more reflective about my driving attitude. Thank you. - Roberta B., Armonk, New York

I like the way the course was presented and it has help me to understand people and the rules of the road. - Sabrina F., Bronx, New York

I like the way it was presented with the audio instructors. The convenience of doing it at work means I didn’t have to take a day off! Great Idea! - Craig R., Staten Island, New York

This course was very funny and informative. It didn’t let me get bored. I read all the material. - Prameya I., Syracuse, New York

I thought that the commentator kept it lively and interesting his voice held my attention. I did not become bored. He had a sense of humor. - Sandra L., Yonkers, New York

Thanks for the insurance discount course, its been helpful and convenient! - Connor S., West Sand Lake, New York

I thought this was a great way to deliver the course to people. I think it was great because you are able to do it whenever you have a few minutes in your day and it doesn’t have to be all in one sitting, and I loved that you had 30 days to do it. I enjoyed the comedy aspect because it was much more interesting to sit and read this and watch these videos if a few laughs were involved. Overall, I did learn a lot and I enjoyed the course thoroughly. - Melissa M., Sayville, New York

It was very informative and easier then being in a classroom - Rosemarie O., Bronx, New York

I think it was a very entertaining and unique way to present important information. It was much easier to retain the information when comedy was involved. - Brittany R., Orangeburg, New York

This NYS defensive driving course is the best! I’ll be back in 3 years. - Cynthia Y., Carmel, New York

I thought the class was extremely informative and easy to access and complete. I have already referred this course to my co-workers and friends. - Rosemarie A., New York, New York

I learned/understood more of the course content using the Internet Based Course. This is my 4th time taking a New York defensive driving course. I will never take the Classroom Course again. - Paul E., Constantia, New York

Excellent alternative to the classroom. Engaging, entertaining and informative. - Elizabeth D., Scarsdale, New York

I think this online course is a greatly superior alternative to the classroom course, I especially appreciated the sense of humor because it made the course feel a lot less like a chore. - Bradford K., Bedford, New York

For me this was a great option since I have a spinal fusion and sitting in a classroom environment is very difficult for me. I found the course enjoyable and interesting. But most of all I learned some new things and feel this will make me a more aware driver. - Sharyn O., Schenectady, New York

This course kept me interested and was very easy to understand. - Richelle N., North Tonawanda, New York

Great course, I love hearing and reading it at the same time. The jokes kept it going, not like the usual classroom where you struggle to not fall asleep. - Sara Z., Port Chester, New York

Great Course. I was able to do it at my own speed. Cutting down on STRESS. Thanks. - Thomas G., West Seneca, New York

New York Defensive Driving Course Testimonials