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Defensive Driving Course

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NJ Defensive Driving
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  • Accepted by ALL insurance companies
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New Jersey Defensive Driving

We’ve been helping New Jersey drivers like you for over 20 years! Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking.

One of the best Defensive Driving courses
This is one of the best Defensive Driving courses you can take. Highly recommend this to anybody who needs the reduction in premiums or just wants to be a safer driver.
River H.
Perfect for traffic ticket dismissal, A+
This course was amazing at masking your ticket and getting it dismissed. I looked at the options and driving lessons and decided to go for the different spin on your normal boring classroom Defensive Driving class. Glad I chose this course, thanks IMPROV! A+
Lucky R.
Complete on any device, anywhere
I really appreciated not having to sit in a classroom seat for 8 hours! I was able to start the class on my desktop and pick it back up on my iPhone when I was standing in line at Ikea. Definitely a good use of my time waiting around.
Chris R.

Guaranteed 5%–10% insurance reduction

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10 short chapters
Guaranteed savings!
100% online, all devices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to take this course?

New Jersey insurance companies are required (per New Jersey State rule, N.J.S.A. 17:33B-45.1) to offer insurance premium discounts for drivers who successfully completed an approved course. This applies to all insurance companies writing private passenger policies in New Jersey, and earns the defensive driving participant a minimum of five percent discount with many carriers offering up to 10%. Safe drivers are preferred on the road and you will get a certificate to prove it!

How often can a driver take this course?

The insurance reduction is available for three years. You are eligible to take a New Jersey defensive driving course for a point reduction once every 5 years.

Why is this course better than other courses?

So many reasons! We’ve been in business for over 20 years, we have an exceptional 24/7 customer support team, and our material is both easier and more entertaining than anything else you’ll find. That we guarantee.

What happens after I complete the course?

Upon completion of your classes, our company will notify the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) electronically and you can print your own certificate within 30 minutes! Keep a copy for your records and/or insurance agent.

I own more than one vehicle. Does the discount apply to all policies?

Discounts apply to private passenger automobiles, with only one discount per vehicle. If the policy insures two or more vehicles, the discount applies to the vehicle principally operated by the person who completes the course. If you have multiple drivers and multiple vehicles in your household it may benefit you for every driver to complete the course.

We suggest that all family members who are a principal driver on the insurance policy should take the NJ defensive driving course to each receive a 5%-10% discount on the auto insurance policy. For example, four family members with four vehicles on the policy can save up to 40%!

Is your course accepted by all insurance companies?

Yes, our New Jersey Defensive Driving course is trusted and accepted by all insurance companies for a premium discount. We have helped other New Jersey drivers like you save thousands of dollars on their insurance policies with various providers, big and small.

Can I get a point reduction if I have a traffic ticket or have existing points on my driving record?

Our New Jersey online Defensive Driving course removes two points from your license and driving record every five years. Note that these points can only be removed if they are present at the time a driver signs up for the course.

Points can result in the suspension or even loss of one’s license, so don’t wait to get them cleared!

It should be noted that in some cases signing up for a Defensive Driving course will not necessarily result in the dismissal of a traffic ticket or help a driver remove points from his or her driver’s license. This is something that is determined on a case by case basis; when in doubt, a driver should check with the court handling their case as well as the defensive driving course provider.

How long do I have to complete the course once I sign up?

You have 180 days after signing up to complete the NJ Defensive Driving course. Per state rules, those who do not complete the course during this time period will be automatically marked as having failed the course.

Is there a final exam?

No, there’s no exam. Each of our 10 short chapters has a 2-question quiz. (You have unlimited attempts to pass each quiz, yay!)

At the end, you’ll have a multiple choice quiz with 25 questions. You need 20 correct answers to pass. Not a good test taker? Not to worry, you once again get unlimited free attempts to pass!

Is it true that your course is the shortest course allowed by law?

Yes, that’s right! Our course is only 6 hours, which is the shortest course allowed by law in New Jersey.

We’ve split it into 10 short chapters to make it easy for you. And what’s more, you can take it at your own pace, and start and stop as you please.

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