Nebraska Defensive Driving Course
This course was very interesting and will have a great impact on my life as a driver. - Alexandra P.
I enjoyed the lighthearted comments added in each lesson. It kept me engaged in the content of the material, thus, able to retain the information better. - Christina M.
Completely painless. Made me laugh, but more importantly, made me think. - Donnieshia C.
The course online this was very nice because I could do chapters as I had time. - Gloria S.
This was my first time taking any course for any reason online and I enjoyed it. It saved me money and a driving trip to the live course which was an hour away. Thank you very much. - Daniel E.
Loved this. I have been looking for an on-line course for several years ! This is great. - Stephanie M.
Fun class. could break up as my schedule needed. Learned a little and will save a little too! an Awesome investment! - Steven T.
Best driving course I've ever taken. Really puts everything into perspective without pushing it on you. - Tiffany B.
I think the course went well for me. It was a perk to put the course on hold and come back to it when I had time. I was also able to do it at work, which is convenient. I like the humor, but felt that the important messages still got across. - Andre T.
Great option of taking this course. I travel a ton for my job and this has been very helpful in allowing me to get this done without having to sacrifice time off from work. - Amjadullah K.
Informative, while being entertaining. Excellent course. - Ciro D.
I had a great time going through the chapters. The jokes and comedy breaks helped out a lot to remember the reading material and kept my attention span going without daydreaming in the middle of reading. Absolutely would recommend this to a friend even for a refresher course to remember safety while driving! - Jennifer B.
The course was direct and to the point. Many interesting facts were presented that I never came across. Good course. - Vincent F.
A good balance with valuable information put in a way you will remember it. I thought it was excellent. - Larry R.
Thank you for an educational and fun experience. - Mae Q.
I really enjoyed doing the course on my own instead of having to find a class, I am a flight attendant and away most of the time. - Janice T.
Awesome course has some very good info has made me think a lot about how I drive - Christin A.
Glad to have internet option. Winters can make it difficult to attend classes. Some info presented was different from the classroom experience. My chair at home was more comfortable than the classroom. - Nancy L.
This course was very informative and due to the humorous content, I was able to read through all the information with ease and enjoyed the course! - Meghan C.
Fun and Informative. - Dennis T.
I found that doing the course on-line allowed me to go back and re-read things that weren't clear the first time I read them. In a classroom I would be intimidated to raise my hand and say I didn't understand something. I find that with the proper materials such as the ones offered, enabled me to be my own best teacher. - Cheryl S.
I found this course too be very good. I enjoyed the jokes. The jokes broke up the reading section and were very entertaining. Kept me interested in completing. - Roxanne E.
Great program! Thanks for the help. It was zero stress and very informative. - Ailsa L.
This course is great I learn so much it was great to be able to refresh my knowledge. - Rudis C.
Nebraska Defensive Driving Course