District of Columbia Defensive Driving
Much better doing this online than 4 to 5 hours in a classroom. Thanks for making it interesting and fun! - Laura D.
I felt that you covered the material well, and that the comedy actually helped me take a breather and time to reflect. - Claire Z.
Thanks - I've become a more aware driver. - Roseann T.
This was one of the best courses I have done and make me more aware of what is going on and what a safe driver is all about. - Johanna D.
Funny and it made me want to read the information. - Lindsey M.
Nicely presented. Good information for drivers to reinforce driving skills. - Christine C.
It was easy to use and I liked watching the videos at the beginning of each chapter and then reading the chapters. I picked up a few tips like who has the right away on a hill. Thank you for making this course available. - Barbara G.
This was the first time I used an online defensive driving course and it was great. Very easy to use and it was very interesting and the cartoons and pictures made you want to read and view more. - Tracy W.
This class was really easy to understand and increased my driving knowledge significantly. - Carly J.
Even though I have driven for years with a clean record this course is a great reminder to be extra cautious. - Elaine T.
Definitely was the best traffic school that I have ever taken. - Samantha D.
It was GREAT. I appreciate the humor injected into the readings which still taught me valuable lessons I will enact immediately. - Jordan S.
It was enjoyable, easy to follow and a good refresher. - Maria V.
This school actually caused me to see the law as both logical instead of random, and merciful, instead of over-punishingly harsh. - Yana K.
Been driving for 47 years and definitely learned from this course! - Leroy B.
I've already recommended this to one of my friends. I'll continue to do so. This was remarkably painless. - Laura C.
This course was great! it had some facts in it that I never knew, it really opened my eyes. Thank you for making such a fun and simply course available to us online!! - Brandon E.
I learned so many new things that I never had any idea about and it really opens up your eyes. I think everyone should be given a course like this. It really helps. - Alisha H.
Very informational course that really makes you think about being a more cautious driver! - Jessica P.
Wonderful course, have already recommended others to take it! - Erica R.
I would recommend this course to anyone. - Alexander P.
Awesome course! Made somewhat dry material fun. The online option and ability to stop and start was very helpful. - Kimberly D.
It was informative. I actually learned some things I didn't know. It was an enjoyable experience. Customer service was great. - Michael C.
Excellent information with humor to make it more interesting. - Patricia K.
District of Columbia Defensive Driving