Colorado Defensive Driving Course
L really liked this online course very instructive and learned a lot I really that it was fun as well. - Julie F.
I learned some stuff and it also helped me review some stuff I had forgotten. - Robyn S.
I would recommend this site to anyone who needs to complete traffic school. - Consuelo G.
I have taken other online traffic schools before and this specific course was entertaining along with being very informative. - Lauren L.
This is the easiest and most convenient way I've found to get through traffic school. - Elijah B.
Actually kind of fun! Thank you! - Shawna T.
Much better than sitting in a class for hours. I did it at my leisure. - James S.
I thought it would be boring at first, but it turned out to be a great deal of fun. I will recommend this online course to my friends and colleagues. No mess, no stress! - Anthony J.
The manner is which the course was presented did not make it boring. As a result it kept my interest throughout the entire course. - Kathleen S.
I enjoyed this on-line course very much. It was packed with excellent information which would be good for any driver. - Daniel T.
The overall experience was very positive. - Vianca T.
You made it so easy! Being able to take the course on my own time made it so simple and less stressful. Thanks! - Deborah F.
I believe this course ADM, was the best driver's course I ever experienced! I, also believe that I learned much more this time around, because of the informed and at times entertaining way of presenting the information. It was NOT boring. I truly loved taking this course. I KNOW I will be a much better and more informed driver on the road from now on. I had always considered me to be a good driver for almost 40 years, but after taking this course, I know I was in need of an adjustment in attitude and behavior behind the wheel. I have acknowledged, witnessed and now modifying my behavior. - Christina S.
Very interesting. I learned a lot from this class. - Marci B.
The funny comments made it interesting to learn and stay focused. I would recommend this class to others. - Lindsey P.
Excellent experience... much better then sitting in a classroom! - Vanessa P.
It was better than having to go somewhere and sit for several more hrs. It was pretty easy, painless and I did learn a few new things. - Ann R.
The course make up was of good balance of cartoons, narrative, examples, and reviews to get each topic across. - Cheryl C.
Extremely informative; information was presented in a positive format had more of an impact; easier to remember and retain. - Victoria W.
The course kept me interested chapter after chapter far better than a boring class. - Julia M.
Excellent blend of information and comedy to keep your interest. - Keith R.
I didn't think I would learn anything from this course that I didn't already know. But I really enjoyed reading the section on weather conditions and what you should do if you experience any hazards on the road. This was some much needed information for me. - Emily D.
Much better than an in-class course. Jokes and comics made course much more enjoyable. - Scott B.
What I really liked about this course was its light heartedness. It wasn't just a sit down to read and then answer questions. There were little things included in each chapter that made this experience more like searching on one of your favorite websites versus having to do a 20 page report for a class that you are not interested in. Thank you for offering this alternative. - Gary S.
Colorado Defensive Driving Course