New signs in Connecticut are having a dramatic effect on speeders by flashing their speed right back at them (and to anyone looking at the sign) reminding them if they are exceeding the posted speed limit and generally, keeping them in line.

The posted speed limit on many Connecticut rural roads is just 35 mph or 40 mph. These roads are relatively free of traffic, two lanes and far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. This leads some drivers to believe they can exceed the posted speed limit as they wish and not have to worry about police spotting them way out in the woods.

Unfortunately, speed is a factor in almost every deadly crash, even when the driver is drunk or distracted. This makes speeding, not a cell phone or a bottle of whiskey, the deadliest thing you can do in a vehicle. If police can simply get drivers to slow down, they can have an immediate impact on the number of people killed on American roadways each year.

And these speed signs which use radar to detect the speed of oncoming cars and flashing it on a big neon sign are an excellent deterrent. They force drivers to be aware of their speed and in a way, shame them into slowing down. In communities where they have been sued city officials and local police report that drivers have already started slowing down, just because of the sign.

Whatever works when it comes to speeders seems to be worth the effort. If a mechanical sign can shame drivers into slowing down to posted speed limits then why not use them? There is no shame in trying to get drivers to slow down and follow posted traffic laws. We have posted speed limits for a good reason and sometimes drivers need to be reminded of these reasons and the repercussions if they choose not to follow them.