Cocoa Beach, Florida, is a vacation destination for millions of people. It is sunny nearly 365 days a year, with white sandy beaches and dozens of natural parks and pathways, it is a recreational paradise, encouraging people who live there or visit to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Many of those people forgo driving their car and instead walk or ride a bicycle wherever they want to go. Often this creates a hazardous situation when cars and bikes, or even pedestrians, mix in high concentrations. Frustrated drivers have been known to honk their horn or even cut off bicyclists because they feel the two-wheeled vehicles are blocking their right-of-way.

Reports of this type of behavior has increasingly been reported by bicyclists and pedestrian in the Cocoa Beach area, and the Cocoa Beach City Commission is now considering taking action to deter drivers from getting out of control.

The Cocoa Beach City Commission is considering an ordinance designed to curb harassment and abuse of bicyclists, pedestrians and joggers. If adopted, this measure would levy $100 fines for first-time offenders and $200 fines for subsequent violators….

Cocoa Beach’s ordinance would protect bicyclists, pedestrians and joggers by prohibiting those who:

• Assault, attempt to assault, or threaten to injure them

• Intentionally injure, attempt to injure, or threaten to injure them

• Intentionally distract or attempt to distract them

• Intentionally force or attempt to force them off a street

• Pass bicyclists within fewer than 3 feet, the distance mandated by Florida Statutes

Cocoa Beach is not the first Florida city to face these types of escalating car vs bicyclist incidents. Orlando Police Department has recently started strictly enforcing existing jaywalking laws, and ticketing both drivers and pedestrians who fail to follow the letter of the law which directs both types of traffic.

For Coca Beach drivers, frustrated or not, they need to be aware that have a 2,000 pound advantage over bicyclists and pedestrians and should just relax and enjoy the scenery.