Mark your calendars and open your car’s glove compartments, because it’s National Read a Road Map Day. If you called off work to observe today’s special holiday, you may want to know the best way to do it. Below are a few creative ways to celebrate Read A Road Map Day in 2018.

Take a mini-road trip

Since you passed your online defensive driving course, it’s time to take a self-congratulatory mini-road trip. Turn off that phone and other electronic devices for the day to explore the beautiful countryside of New York. All you need to celebrate is a map of the state and a destination in mind.

Read historical maps of New York State

A fun way to learn about the history of New York is by reading old maps. This will give you an inside look at how New York has developed over the years, and how cartography has changed through time. You might even find maps to hidden treasures.

Get lost in nature

Have your friends blindfold you and dump your body somewhere in Bear Mountain with only a knife and a road map. After you wake up from your drug induced sleep, your goal will be to find the nearest cusp of civilization. You’ll get to partake in National Read A Road Map Day while panicking through a serene mountainscape.

Find road maps of your favorite getaway destinations

Take yourself away in a day dream to your favorite getaway destination with a printout map. You can escape the grey walls of your cubicle by reading maps of the Siesta Keys, Florida or Malibu, California. You might even discover a few new vacation ideas.

Reenact scenes from your favorite crime dramas

Throw everything off your walls and hang up as many maps as you can. Don a black trench coat, start scribbling with a red pen, while shouting, “It’s got to make sense!” Using maps to reenact your favorite crime dramas is a great way to celebrate the holiday. You’ll also make your peers think you’re solving an underground mafia conspiracy.

Escape the surveillance state

Instead of turning off your phone and electronic device, chuck them into the nearest body of water. We’re living in a surveillance state, so the only option is to get off the grid. Grab a tin foil hat, an axe, and drive to the mountains… with the help of a detailed road map, of course!

Use road maps to locate and invade your enemies’ territory

If you’re the vengeful type, you can avoid enemies tracking your GPS by using a road map to locate them instead. Whether it’s your nemesis who lives in the neighborhood over, childhood enemy in Albany, or just the entire country of Canada, you’ll have the upper hand by using a road map to find them!

Convert old, outdated road maps into wall art

If you have a collection of old, outdated road maps, you don’t have to throw them out. Converting these once helpful guides into wall decor will turn any bland apartment into a cozy, quirky space. Your friends will feel like they stepped into a Pinterest board.

Take a picture of a road map and post it to Instagram

At the very least, snap a picture of a road map you like and post it to Instagram with #NationalReadARoadMapDay. It’ll make you seem hip and chic while staying current with holidays. That is, if you haven’t thrown your phone into the nearest body of water, yet.