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California Online Traffic School

If you need your traffic ticket dismissed so you can get the points from a California traffic ticket off of your license, IMPROV traffic school is one of the best options out there. This California state approved traffic school meets all California traffic school requirements and is held completely online.

Completing a California online traffic school may save your driving record from being damaged by violations. While the course will help you clear your driving record by getting your ticket dismissed, hopefully you'll learn something too. Many drivers find that their driving knowledge and safety level increase after they complete this course. You, your family, and other drivers will all appreciate this higher level of safety awareness when you're out on the road.

California Online Traffic School

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licenses and approves defensive driving courses at a number of traffic schools. These courses are designed to help drivers who are looking to lower their car insurance rates or who have received moving traffic violations.

California traffic courts routinely allow drivers who have completed a defensive driving course to have their citation dismissed and to avoid having points added to their record.

Many car insurance providers also extend a safe driver discount to drivers who have voluntarily enrolled in a traffic school course.

No matter why they enroll, drivers who complete a California online traffic school will learn ways to avoid receiving tickets in the future, learn more about California's traffic laws, and learn valuable tips about how to drive defensively.

Taking California Traffic School Courses

California approves traffic schools that hold courses both in the classroom and online. You can choose whichever method is best for you unless the traffic court specifically orders you to attend in person.

The benefits to attending a program include:

  • Having a traffic ticket dismissed
  • Avoiding points on your license
  • Avoiding an insurance premium increase

Your eligibility for these benefits or to take a course will depend on your specific circumstances. However, you'll still increase your driving knowledge and improve your driving behavior even if you can't get your ticket dismissed or your insurance company won't offer a discount.

How to Avoid Points and Have a California Traffic Ticket Dismissed

Moving violations are typically eligible for dismissal through completion of a California online traffic school when:

  • You have a valid driver's license
  • You were not driving a commercial vehicle when cited
  • Your ticket was not for a misdemeanor offense
  • Your ticket was not for an alcohol-related offense
  • You haven't taken a defensive driving course for another ticket in the previous 18 months

Your actual eligibility is determined by the traffic court based on the circumstances of the violation and your driving history. You will generally receive a courtesy notice regarding your eligibility in the mail. The notice should also include the deadline to complete the course.

Always verify a California online traffic school course with the court before enrolling. If you are not eligible for ticket dismissal with a driving improvement course, your license may be suspended or points may be added to your driving record.

Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Taking traffic school voluntarily may earn you a discount on your car insurance rates. Drivers of all ages may be eligible, but young drivers and seniors are especially targeted by these offers. Drivers over age 55 may receive a safe driver discount for up to three years.

Contact your auto insurance company to confirm your eligibility.

California Online Traffic School Course Details

It takes about eight hours to complete a traffic school program whether it is held online or in a classroom.

Each course covers topics including:

  • California traffic laws
  • Tips to become a more responsible, safer motorist
  • Defensive driving techniques

In order to receive credit for a course, you will generally need to pass a final exam,

After you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate of traffic school completion. Submit this certificate to the California traffic court that has jurisdiction over your ticket or to your insurance provider to receive credit.

For more details about our California online traffic school, contact us today.

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